Saturday, April 2, 2011

Echoes and Illusions Book Tour Launch & Giveaway

Hello everyone!

As the pretty pictures say, I’m Mila Ramos and I’d like to welcome you to the April 2011 Echoes and Illusions Virtual Tour.

Before we officially start this tour, I would like to give an immense and huge thank you to Bewitching Book Tours. Roxanne is an amazing book tour coordinator and artist. I would highly recommend her to every author out there, novice and experienced. I’m extremely honored to have her arrange this tour.

A friend asked me if I could be outlandish on a world tour what would I want and if there was any way I could make a theatrical entrance onto your computers I’d find a way. I’d want a huge pyrotechnic scene, white tigers prowling back and forth on the stage, and Hugh Jackman dressed as the Grant Danton as in The Prestige. But seeing that I can’t squeeze Hugh Jackman to that size and I’m not very well versed at making computer generated models so I shall sit back and imagine it.

So to begin, throughout this tour we will have differing prizes as well as some great posts, interviews and chats about all detailing parts of Echoes and Illusions. Echoes and Illusion is an anthology of my paranormal/science fiction works Reel-to-Real, Smoke and Mirrors, The Watchers and The Seventh Legend.

Each story deals with not only a different paranormal element but with characters that each brings a unique aspect to each tale.

Here are the blurbs for each of the stories to the mixed array making up this anthology.

The Watchers

In a world where duty and honor are binding and crucial Selene, a Coven Enforcer, has to choose between the life she knows and the life she yearns. On a dark and stormy night Selene learns that some rules are meant to be broken, even immortal ones.

The Seventh Legend

Some stories are based on legend, some on rumor. Some stories are real. For a young woman her childhood book has something more than imagined. The book contains the story of a real hero facing an unimaginable evil that’s been after since she was a child.

Smoke & Mirrors

Dr. Ana Fiore has earned her reputation “Dr. Ice” by her solid work and rigid personality. Sent to a conference for determination of Chief of Staff, she is snowed in with rival and colleague Dr. Dakota Hastings. Face-to-face with Dakota, she learns she isn’t the only expert at illusion.


A curious invitation mystifies acclaimed movie critic Moira Castle. In an industry where word of mouth is reality, Moira comes back home to the unexpected. Memories surge as an old movie reel and theater owner Toren McCann hold answers that have lain quiet for far too long.

Two of the most important aspects of writing my books; not only those in Echoes and Illusions but with all my books (in progress and backlist) have been the music and character interviews. I adore music, so much to the point that when I hear a song, I can pinpoint the precise point in a story it can and should define a scene. With character interviews, I’d like to say it’s the only time a voice in my head has clearance to talk its self into existence. Music has been phenomenal in getting a story off the ground, helping amp up the emotions in a scene or best yet building a character.

So for the next few posts we will be visiting each of the stories in Echoes and Illusions by looking at the music behind the stories as well as the characters for these wonderful stories.

You will get to meet the characters to each book and learn all about what makes them tick especially in regards to their story.

Of course along the way there will be prizes to win, you’ll get to hear a little about upcoming books and current stuff happening behind the scenes.

So welcome to the Echoes and Illusions Virtual Tour!

To celebrate I'm offering a print copy of Echoes and Illusions to one lucky reader

Open to US shipping

To enter leave a comment on this post with your email addy

One winner will be announced on Wednesday


Anna (VampChix) said...

You mention that music is very important to you and your writing and I'm curious as to what types of music you like listening to.

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Thanks for the chance!

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I would love to read it, it sounds really good.

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It looks like a really good read:):)

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Mysti said...

Since I interviewed you on Unwritten and read the fantastic blurbs, I'd love my name in the pot! :)


Mila Ramos said...

Thank you all for dropping by! I will have more info on the music for you tomorrow as well as the coming posts for the tour.

Currently, I am watching my cat Sir Issac Newton look out the window and listening to a new single called Stereo Love by Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina. Learning a belly dance routine to it....and feeling the character vibe!

Jen B. said...

I love to listen to music when I work. It also makes my kids stay away because they hate my music. I hope you have a successful tour!

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I am a follower and email subscriber. Please enter me in contest. I would love to read this book.

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Looks like a great read please count me in.

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Though generally not a big anthology reader, I've found that they are exactly what I need when waiting in a doctors office.


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All of the stories sound really good thanks for the chance to win.

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