Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Please Welcome New Author Sarah Gilman

Please welcome new author Sarah Gilman to Fang-tastic Books today. Her novel Out In Blue will be released by Entangled publishing this November. If anyone is interested in hosting Sarah at their site please contact me, I am her Entangled publicist.

Demons and archangels fill the pages of my debut novel, Out in Blue, an affectionate paranormal romance set on a dark and violent backdrop. For the most part, I developed the world without the influence of research and let my imagination arrange the details. But one figure familiar to both the secular and the religious inspired the groundwork for more than one character in the novel: the archangel Raphael. One character, the hero’s father, retains the name.

Angels as a whole are popular the world over. Independent of culture or age, many people find angels fascinating. Angels grew from their religious roots and became a part of the human psyche.

The archangel Raphael is known in general as an angel of healing and is often depicted with the ability to spontaneously heal humans. Because Out in Blue’s archangels are very humanized, I had a lot of fun developing Raphael as a character, fleshing out his personality and mannerisms. Coffee or tea? Tea. Short or even tempered? Very even, unless his family is threatened. What would he name his son? Wren. Would he be a distant or an affectionate father? Highly affectionate.

Also interesting for me was the development of the novel’s hero as a man who grew up with the archangel Raphael as a father. How would such a parent influence a child, both positively and negatively? As an adult, what would be the biggest differences between Wren and his father? And of course, how would these issues affect the romance between Wren and the heroine? These questions were difficult to answer, and I stumbled a lot in the first draft. But everything came together, and I’m very pleased with the results. I can’t wait for Wren’s story to reach readers. Many thanks to Roxanne hosting this guest post today!


Katie Felicetti said...
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Katie Felicetti said...

Awesome job Sarah, you've caught my interest and eagerness to read your book just from the blog. I think that many others will feel the same way. Jason's been telling me about this book for a while; I am excited it is coming out in November. Congrats! I Love You!