Saturday, May 14, 2011

Early Review of Grave Dance by Kalayna Price

5 Fangs for Grave Dance

Product Description

After a month of down time, Grave Witch Alex Craft is ready to get back to solving murders by raising the dead. With her love life in turmoil, Alex is eager for the distractions of work. But when her new case forces her to overuse her magic, it might be the last mystery the Grave Witch ever gets to solve...
My Review:
The first book in this series, Grave Witch, blew me away. The second installment, Grave Dance does not disappoint either. I am hooked on this series which has everything you could want in an urban fantasy series with romantic elements.
Grave Dance is another exquisite example of Kalayna Price's enticing storytelling abilities. Her vivid descriptions and unique characters combined with her gripping storylines will keep your turning pages and wanting more.
She mixes a little bit of everything urban fantasy into the Alex Craft series.
You'll get family drama, secrets and plenty of unknown skeletons in the closet waiting to be let out. Plus you'll get general UF characteristics with Alex's awakening and changing abilities that morph into unique magic that no one else has along with Alex's character growth.
You'll also get some elements of paranormal romance with a sexy love triangle featuring two men who are both forbidden to Alex in their own unique way.
One is Death- Alex doesn't even know his real name or much about him or his world, he's just always been a part of her life, in some ways her best friend. But now he's confessed his love for her and Alex just can't seem to control herself around him, he knows her better than anyone else. But they don't even inhabit the same realm- how could they ever be together?
Then there's the sexy fey, Falin. Now there's a yummy man, warm and real and sexy as hell.
Too bad he "belongs" to the winter queen of Fairy. He has to do what she says, he is her knight and he can not disobey, not even if he wanted to. Now that can be a problem when it comes to having a relationship, especially if the winter queen would prefer that Alex be dead, or imprisoned.
In Grace Dance Alex has another case to solve, this one weirder and more difficult than the others because she doesn't even have bodies to raise shades from, only feet. She can't get anything from a bunch of left feet. But she tries anyway and pushes her magic until she's overloaded and wiped out. Which isn't good because someone or something is after her and seems to want her dead plus the winter queen has taken an interest and would like to see Alex in fairy... aligned with her court.
The surprises keep coming and Alex keeps learning more about herself, her powers, the Fey, and everyone around her. It's a wealth of discovery that'll hook you on this series... if you weren't already.

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