Monday, May 9, 2011

Review of Vampire Free Style

Vampire Free Style
Issue n. 1
Story and Art: Jenika
A witch boy in training meets Micia, a mysterious black cat...

Vampire Free Style
Issue n. 2
Story and Art: Jenika
Once upon a time there was a cat who was able to speak with the stars...

Vampire Free Style
Issue n. 3
Story and Art: Jenika
The story begins 300 years before...

Vampire Free Style
Issue n. 4
Story and Art: Jenika
Someone is looking for Micia, someone who might know what happened 300 years before...

Vampire Free Style
Issue n. 5
Story and Art: Jenika
Slowly mysteries from the past begin to be revealed...

Vampire Free Style Series Description:

A witch boy in training is looking for his girlfriend, who vanished mysteriously. He gives a home to a stray black cat, Micia. But the cat is much more than she appears to be: she can speak with the stars and has many flashback memories about the witch boy. She also may know something about the missing girl; something connected to an ancient necklace, a powerful spell, a vampire looking for his lost memories, and a 300-year-old forbidden love.

My Review:

When I was offered the chance to review the graphic novel/ comic book series Vampire Free Style I almost said no.

I'm not much into comics but one glimpse at the books with their vibrant and whimsical covers changed my mind. The drawing style immediately made me want to see more.

Plus my daughter- who just turned 12- adores comic books and graphic novels.

So I said yes, I'd review the series.

I am extremely glad that I did.

I received them and read through them right away. The vibrant art pulled me in while the story kept me turning pages.

I love the very colorful pages, the amazing artistic detail and style, the creative characters and of course- the magical story. A cat, a vampire, a witch in training...a great cast of characters that had me enchanted right from the beginning.

I loved that the story develops quickly but is still filled with mystery. The characters are not overly complex but not shallow either.

It's sweet and appropriate for all ages- which is something that really appeals since my daughter and her friends quickly ran off with the books.

Over the weekend a houseful of girls ages 11- 18 all read the first 5 issues of Vampire Free Style- each and everyone of them- and they loved them and wanted to know when the next books would be out.

I think that means the books received the tween and teen stamp of approval.

Try the series- you'll love it and want more. I know I do. So does my daughter and her friends.

Even non comic book readers will love these books- if only for the artwork.

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This series sounds like it has the potential to be the next Harry Potter. I'm sure we'll all be watching.

Debby said...

What an intriguing comment about the next Harry Potter. That makes me want to check them out. I love the covers.
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