Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Guest Blog and Giveaway with Kayden Mcleod

Thank you, Fang-Tastic, for having me here today.

The Foxworth Coven, Book One, Death of Innocence has been released by Solstice Publishing! I have been anxiously awaiting this for a long time now.

Death of Innocence was the first book I’d ever finished, though not the first book I’d written—nor the first book I’d written in the Foxworth Coven Series.

What is now Kindred Fate, the third installment in the Foxworth Coven Series I am still in the process of finishing up, was the first book I had ever penned. It was started over ten years ago, sitting at 140K when I had finished my first draft. I was a teenager, reading VC Andrews, RL Stine and Christopher Pike.

My style back then reflected my age. The plot was complicated, too much so, yet told in an adolescent manner. The story deserved and needed more. And while it read like YA, even with the situations that were definitely adult, I was leery of writing the level of sex I had put into the book, making for an awkward read. I watched this book grow as I ploughed through it, changing details and characters—the entire storyline time and again. And yet, I still wasn’t happy with it.

In my mind, I’d known the back-story of the Foxworth Coven. The past wouldn’t leave my muse alone. To start in the twenty-first century left too much untold—and the story of the ghosts in the history left too much to speculation. So following my muse’s insistence, I went back a century, to British Columbia, 1904, when the Foxworth Leader, Canya was still human. Gregory, the Heir to the Coven, fought his obligations to his people. He was determined to be his own man, and not the vampire his parents, Anastasia and Henry had groomed him to become. But life never really works out the way someone intends it to. Outside forces, fate and tragedy intervene in everyone’s time at one point or another. Canya and Gregory were no different.

After finishing Death of Innocence, I was even more perplexed. Now it felt like something else was missing. It took me a long time after that to figure out, Arcadia, Gregory and Canya’s step-son, had a story of his own. And then Natural Urges, Book two was born. This one is coming out with Solstice Publishing in the next few weeks.

The last two installments of the Foxworth Coven Series, Crimson Shadows and Blood Deeds, is one book broken into two. The story was too big, with several characters who’s babbled to me, needing to have their say in the series set similar to a journal.

The Foxworth Coven is not the biggest, most feared Coven without just cause. They know heartache, loss and pain—but they also thrive with love, loyalty and friendships with the most powerful entities their world knows. Their knowledge of magic put most vampires to shame, and they use these benefits to the best of their ability.

You can purchase the first book in the Foxworth Coven from All Romance, BookStrand and Or directly from Solstice Publishing.

Fictionwise and print will be coming soon.

I’m also throwing a special contest for The Foxworth Coven’s release! Wiccan Wear Jewelry has designed a magnificent piece inspired by Canya Foxworth from Death of Innocence, called “Vampire Kisses—Foxworth Coven.”

Rules for this contest and how to enter, including photography of the piece can be found on her website:

Thank you so much for hanging out with me today! Leave a comment about the series, vampires, the Foxworth Necklace contest or any questions you may have for your chance to win a signed print copy of Demonic Pandemonium, the third book in the Cornwall Coven Series.

Thank you so much for hanging out with me today!

Happy Reading…


Bethie said...

This sounds so good. Please count me in.

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Tore said...

I love reading about vampires. I can't wait to read this series. Please enter me in contest.

Julie S said...

This sounds really interesting. Count me in the giveaway. juliecookies(at)

Missyb0103 said...

I love reading about vampires, My first paranormal book was about vampries so they hold a special place for me!! Thank you for the giveaway

Anonymous said...

Loved the necklace pics. This book will be added to my TBR list.
I'll also have to get the other two. (oh well, hubby will just have to deal with more books-lol)


Alicia0605 said...

I love the cover for this book!! I enjoy reading any vamp book so this will be on my list to purchase!!