Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Vampire Ball and The Witches Ball

Every year I collect donations for paranormal authors of books and goodies for the Flint Vampire Ball which is a charity event that raises funds for the local Flint Farmer's Market.

This year the goodies have already started rolling in.

I'm putting together 20-25 goodies bags this year that will be filled with books, bookmarks and any other swag and goodies authors send my way. These bags are raffled off during the Ball as door prizes.

I've already been promised signed books and other goodies from several authors including:

Jeaniene Frost, Laura Bickle, Lynda Hilburn, Kerrelyn Sparks, E Van Lowe, Mary Janice Davidson, Susan Blexrud, Kiki Howell, Katie Salidas, CJ Ellisson, Michele Hauf, Elaine Bergstrom, Jess Haines, Natalie J Damschroder, Aubrie Dionne,
and Laura Kaye

Every author that donates will be featured in the next couple months as a contributor to the ball and get permanent links in the Fang-tastic Books sidebar- you can see the 2009 and 2010 links to everyone who donated in the left sidebar.

If you would like to donate contact me for details.

I got a bunch of Night Walker trading cards from Lisa Kessler.

And signed books and bookmarks from Karen Taylor.

And this is a set of goodies I'm donating to the 2011 Midwest Witches Ball which I am sponsoring this year through Bewitching Book Tours.

It looks fun and I've wanted to go for the past couple years, this year I got in early enough to sponsor and grab a set of tickets.

I found this cute tote bag and I'm filling it with Bewitching Goodies like the mug, sticky notes, keychain and pen above- I'm also adding a signed copy of one of my books and lots of swag. I'm on the lookout for other goodies to add to the bag before I send it in too.
Now if I could just find a couple fabulous costumes
(or even one amazing costume) I'd be all set.

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