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Character Interview and $10 GC Giveaway with Scott Nicholson

Character Interview: Sheriff Frank Littlefield

By Scott Nicholson

Frank Littlefield, sheriff of Pickett County in the Appalachian Mountains, appears in two of the books in the three-novel omnibus Ethereal Messenger, on sale at Amazon or BN for $4.99.

In The Red Church, Littlefield’s past comes back to haunt him when a strange preacher returns to town to revive a sinister church. Another supernatural legend, this one of dead Civil War soldiers, threatens Littlefield’s community in Drummer Boy. Here’s an interview:

Q: Sheriff Littlefield, why do supernatural events occur so often in your jurisdiction?

Littlefield: I’d like to remind you that none of the claims have been substantiated. According to the evidence, Archer McFall committed those murders in Whispering Pines, and that little boy’s disappearance in Drummer Boy is still under investigation. Even though, I am sad to say, no new leads have been forthcoming.

Q: But according to local rumors, you yourself believe the Red Church is haunted.

Littlefield: That rumor was likely planted by the Democrat Party. They’ve been trying to knock me off the last two elections, and it just goes to show how dirty those Democrats play when things aren’t to their liking.

Q: Some speculate that Sgt. Sheila Story, your former detective, will return and run against you one day.

Littlefield: Sgt. Story was a good detective and she served the county well. But she’s a city girl. I don’t think the fine people of Pickett County are ready to turn over their safety to an outsider. Plus, as you said, the families up here tend to stick together.

Q: How come no arrests have been made in the McFall case?

Littlefield: We’re still investigating. We believe he went back to California, where cults and such are tolerated. But we have enough physical evidence to put him away if he ever dares show his face around these parts again.

Q: What if he truly is supernatural evil, as some people claim?

Littlefield: You been talking to Cindy Baumhower down at the newspaper? That’s sensationalism and nothing more. Just because she happens to believe in ghosts doesn’t mean they are real. And, you got to admit, gossip sells papers.

Q: But what if he is? How do you kill a supernatural entity?

Littlefield (scratches crewcut): I wouldn’t know. Pray, I reckon. And pray some more. But I’m keeping my revolver loaded, just in case. Now, if you’ll excuse me, old Hardy Eggers has reported some unusual noises up around the Jangling Hole.


Scott Nicholson is giving away 15 percent of his ebook revenues in September! Details are at His other books include The Skull Ring, Speed Dating with the Dead, Drummer Boy, and nine other novels, seven story collections, and six screenplays. Look for Liquid Fear and Chronic Fear from Amazon on Dec. 20. More at Haunted Computer.

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