Friday, September 23, 2011

Enter the Halloween Spook Fest

Enter the Halloween Spook Fest


I washed dishes and bobbed my head in time with Aerosmith. My mom and dad left me alone. My brothers had abandoned me for a basketball game down the street. The quiet didn't bother me because I had November Rain.

Above the sound of the guitar solo, I heard the faintest cry of giggles. Now, it wasn't an uncommon occurence for my brothers to sneak back in the house and play pranks on me, but this was different. I dried my hands and turned the radio off. We lived across the street from a funeral home and I could hear people shutting car doors in front of our house, but not their voices.

I walked into our living room and stood near the floor vents from the old furnace we didn't use anymore. The sound of children giggling fluttered up from those vents. At first, I was curious. Surely, a child hadn't crawled under the house. I slid to my knees, bracing my hands on each side of the vents. "Hello?" I called. I didn't say I was smart, just alone.

Nothing. I stood and moved back a few steps. The giggling started up again. "Can you hear me?" I called down to the giggles that seemed to fade a bit. Nothing again.

It wasn't until I rushed to the front door intending on running down the street that I felt them. The hair on the back of my neck rose. There was an energy in the room that stirred the asthma in my chest--or maybe I was just hyperventilating. Very close to me, almost like they were pressed against me, I heard the soft flutter of those angelic giggles and something eased inside me.

This was the moment that I knew I'd never be alone again.

And I haven't been...

I hope you'll join me in my October Spook Fest featuring stories just like this from authors, bloggers, reviewers and friends like you. If you'd like to submit a story and have your own personal day on my blog, please contact me at . You will be invited to advertise a new release, a contest on your own blog, or pretty much anything you'd like. Here's the rules:

Word count 1K or less.
Must be submitted by 10/3/11.
PG 13 or less as long as they are horror/scary/bone chilling/etc.
Can be a true story or totally fiction. I've had several entries already and they've been great.
When I get 30 entries, the submissions will be closed, so act fast!

Oh! And if you want to take a look at the new website, visit:

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