Thursday, October 20, 2011

An Entangled Halloween Guest Blog and Giveaway with Aubrie Dionne

Home Made Costumes
By Aubrie Dionne

Growing up in a family of four, we didn’t have money for fancy, store bought costumes, so my mom made all of our costumes. She sewed old curtains into princess dresses, leopard fabric into a jumpsuit, and used some of her old clothes to make gypsy skirts. My sister and I always dressed as twins, so she made two costumes: mine a little bigger than hers.

My mom was very creative! I think homemade costumes are the best when you have the time to make them. As a kid, I didn’t know the difference between my costumes and the other kids’. But now, looking back, I feel very proud to have had her make them for me.

Last year I went to a costume party with my husband. We both work, so I bought the costumes off of a website. They looked amazing, of course, (which you’ll see in the picture-I’m Arwen the elf, and my husband is a cross between Leogolas and Aragorn. We had a blond wig, but he wanted a sword instead of a bow.) But, somehow it didn’t feel as good as wearing the ones my mom used to make.

Have you ever made your own Halloween costume?

What were some of the things that you made?

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mnjcarter said...

My mom always made our costumes when we were little, they were the best ever. So... many years later my daughter wanted to be snow white, all the costumes in the stores were crap. So, I decided I would make it for her. Hadn't sewed since junior high,but what the heck. Two weeks later, quite a few stiches removed, and a few beers, it was perfect!! She still has it, even though it doesn't fit anymore!!


Debby said...

I used to make all my kids costumes. I made a care bear and raggedy and and a dinosaur. The fairy costume was their favorite. They likes the wings.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Ammy Belle said...

We werein the same situation - no money for fancy shmancy Halloween costumes, so my grandma would make us something usually. The only one I made was last year's Sally from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" - I did buy the wig, but I used sharpie to paint striped on my tights, and sewed a bunch of old pillow cases together, then used white clown makeup and eyeliner to fill in the details on my face. It was fun!

Ammy Belle
apereiraorama @ gmail . com

Tore said...

We didn't have money for fancy costumes either. Please enter me in contest. I would love to read this book.

Aubrie said...

Thanks for commenting,everyone!

Roxanne Rhoads said...

My mother made several of my costumes when I was little. I had this awesome ghost then in high school a belly dancer/harem girl that she made.

I can't sew but I've put together several costumes out of "found" things- stuff I already had tucked away in the closet, garage, attic or wherever.

I've created costumes for my kids before- hot glue guns are awesome- especially for people like me who are sew challenged.

Rhianna said...

I grew up pretty poor so a lot of the time our costumes were cobbled together from things we already had. My mum did sew me a witch costume I wore twice and an angel one. But it was my brother's fun-fur cat costume that made her stop. She said never again and that was the end of that. LOL

I usually get stuck sewing for my hubs' costumes 'cause he goes cosplay style and can't stand buying a costume. I think my favorite I've done though was actually a Link (from the Zelda games) one for my son. It wasn't a lot of sewing really and it looked so cool! It's amazing what you can do with an oversized t-shirt and some ingenuity.

Love the Arwen dress! When he was little my son though Liv Tyler was me. I couldn't explain that Arwen was not mommy. It was kinda cute really. Anyway I've always wanted to do an Arwen costume but that's considerably more sewing than I have the patience/money for these days.

always.and.never AT gmail DOT com

Yto said...

nope never tried. i am not so good with a needle. i would probably only get bleeding fingers if i tried. i am too lazy too ;)

witchvela at web dot de

books4me said...

Growing up, we made all our own costumes! My brother and I made our own costumes every year by what we had at home or clothes we could purchase at Goodwill to make into costumes. I made all my daughter's costumes when she was younger then she found the "cool" costumes in stores...better they are not...they are cheaply made and look cheap!

books4me67 at

Jen B. said...

I generally don't start from scratch. I buy stuff at the store and then spiff it up. Like this year, I am taking a dress I bought off a clearance rack and blinging it a little to make it look like a dress Beyonce wore at the Grammys!

Cherie Reich said...

I think that's awesome your mom made you costumes. My mom doesn't know how to sew, so I either had no costume or something very cheap (like being a cat for several years).