Friday, October 21, 2011

An Entangled Halloween Story and Giveaway with Rachel Firasek

A Child's Melody
by Rachel Firasek

I washed dishes and bobbed my head in time with Aerosmith. My mom and dad
had left me alone. My brothers had abandoned me for a basketball game down the
street. The quiet didn't bother me because I had "November Rain" blasting through the kitchen.

Above the sound of the guitar solo, I heard the faintest cry of giggles.
Now, it wasn't an uncommon occurence for my brothers to sneak back in the
house and play pranks on me, but this was different. I dried my hands and
turned the radio off. We lived across the street from a funeral home and I
could hear people shutting car doors in front of our house, but not their

I walked into our living room and stood near the floor vents from the old
furnace we didn't use anymore. The sound of children giggling fluttered up
from those vents. At first, I was curious. Surely, a child hadn't crawled
under the house. I slid to my knees, bracing my hands on each side of the

"Hello?" I called. I didn't say I was smart, just alone.

Nothing. I stood and moved back a few steps. The giggling started up again.
"Can you hear me?" I called down to the voices that seemed to fade a bit.

Nothing again.

It wasn't until I rushed to the front door intending on running down the
street that I felt them. The hair on the back of my neck rose. There was an
energy in the room that stirred the asthma in my chest--or maybe I was just

Very close to me, almost like they were pressed against
me, I heard the soft flutter of those angelic giggles and something eased
inside me.

This was the moment that I knew I'd never be alone again.

And I haven't been...

This actually happened to me.

I was seventeen and no, it's not the last time I've heard the voices...

Have you ever heard something strange and unexplained?

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Nicola Marsh said...


Making my hair stand on end, Rachel.

Definitely no sleep for me tonight!!!

mnjcarter said...

I have to honestly say I've been fortunate enough to have never had an experience like this! The only unexplained voices I've heard are the ones in my head!

Ammy Belle said...

Yeesh that's eerie ...

I have never heard anything, but occassionally, when I was in m school's library studying, or when I am alone and reading, I get the feeling I am being watched and I snap my head up and see the barest flash of something. One day I hope and dread to see what's been staring at me ...

Ammy Belle
apereiraorama @ gmail . com

Lisa (Lisa's World of Books) said...

I have had some odd experiences but nothing like this. Items moved and stuff like that.

No need to enter me just wanted to stop by and say hi!


Julie K. said...

Fabulous story. Creepy, but fabulous.

My closest brush was when I was pregnant with my daughter and my husband was away on a business trip. At that time, I was still easily freaked out being in the house without him and was having a hard time sleeping. I was lying in bed, kicking myself because I knew I needed sleep more than usual (what with being pregnant and all).

Then I felt this presence, a tingle kind of like you mentioned, and it felt like it was brushing my hair off my face. There was nothing there I could see, but I could *feel* it, and after the initial terror, it was bizarrely soothing. It's the last thing I remembered feeling before I finally fell asleep.

selestialaurora (at) hotmail (dot) com

Katee said...

*looks over shoulder* I've had some weird stuff happen. We used to hear footsteps in the house I grew up in and one night a babysitter even went so far as to ask me if my brother was home!

And then, in my in-laws house, there was the same kind of thing. Footsteps, stuff moved around, weird noises.

Yikes... I'm getting all freaked out again LOL

Rayka Mennen said...

Ow Rachel, now I'm going to stop and listen every few minutes at home - lol. Great work.

Rhianna said...

Dude! Sooo creepy!

I've never heard voices but around these parts we see what get referred to as 'Shadowmen'. I can even admit I think one saved my family from a potential housefire our first winter in our new home by alerting me that a space heater had been left on in my husband's office.

There's a shelter here for battered women though. My friend's mother works there part-time and many of their people have quit because they've had paranormal experiences there including unexplained whispers and things being knocked down. *shudder*

(Pssst! Isn't "November Rain" by Guns n' Roses, not Aerosmith?) ;) Love that song! Epic guitar solo!

always.and.never AT gmail DOT com

JenM said...

I can't say that I've ever had an experience like this, or heard anything unexplained. Anyway, I'm usually so wrapped up in my own little world, that I don't tend to notice things around me, so even if there was a ghost around trying to get my attention, I probably wouldn't notice it LOL.

Calisa Rhose said...

I don't know if I've ever heard anyone/thing. My ghostly haunts are usually the visible variety. A white creature jumping from out of nowhere, paper rattling on walls... you know- the usual scary stuff. Scary story Rach. Love it!

donnas said...

I did hear a deep male voice call my name once from over my shoulder when I was along in my room and the only other person home was my mom. Totally freaked me out.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Kathryn Merkel said...

LOL Rhianna, you are right, it is GNR. Stopped me in my tracks & I had to start over reading the story.

No harm, no fowl Rachel, it was still a good spooky read & I'm glad to say I've never had a similar experience. Hope that continues.

drainbamaged.gyzmo at

ReneeRearden said...

Very cool, Rachel!

I've always heard voices (aside from the ones in my head!) and seen things from the corner of my eye. I remember one ghost in particular. He lived in the full basement of our house. We'd hear the shower start and doors open and close.

Then one afternoon I smelled cigarette smoke. Neither hubs or I smoke. Our girls had allergies and were sensitive to cigarette smoke. So, I went downstairs and explained (to a physically empty room) we had a no smoking rule in our house because of our girls. If the spirit wanted to stay, he'd have to smoke outside from now on. The next night we smelled cigarette smoke on the back porch! I said thank you and set out a makeshift ashtray.

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!

Yto said...

my life is pretty boring - never happens something exciting XD
it's always others who have stories to tell.

witchvela at web dot de

books4me said...

When I was a teenager, I woke up in the middle of the night to feel the bed depress like someone was sitting next to me. There was no one in the room! As an adult, I have seen a little girl with blonde curls and a light blue dress reaching out to me next to my bed.

books4me67 at

desitheblonde said...

when we went to nashville i went to the Elvis mansion and then i walk in and told the lady guide and then
she said nothing here well i walk around the mansion and then i seen the ghost and it was elvis and then his dad were in the basement
and i told carl he was walking down the hall and then i scared the shit out of about 20 people he was in his plane and i took pic

Teresa K. said...


Being Native American I live each day with supernatural occurances.

One in particular is that my people believe in toten's. When someone dies we believe the ones who are close will come to see you before they leave this world.

One day while living in Connecticut I was getting ready for work. Someone knocked on my door. I told them to come in since I was right there in the kitchen. No one entered so I blew it off as I was hearing things. A few minutes later a knock at the door again this time loud enough that my German Shepherd starting barking and growling at the door. Again I looked at the door and seen a shape at door and told them to come in. Then the figure at the door was no longer.

You see I was kneading dough and I was litterly knee deep in dough. My dog quieted done like the person left. So I went back to cleaning the dough off my hands this time. When I was almost through getting dough off my hands the knock at the door came again along with the shape at the door. Dog goes nuts again. I go to the door and still see shape in window of door but when I open the door. Nobody is there dog runs out door and is standing to the side barking straight at the door. I feel this overwelming emotion of love. Then it was gone and my dog sneezes and just sits down and whines. No more barking.
Later that day I go to my moms to stay the night and around 5:00 am we get a call telling us that my favorite aunt had passed yesterday in the pm. My mom was so shocked because she told my uncle that I had just talked to her the day before and she was so happy to hear from me.

My aunt was like a foster mom to me and she and I had so much love for each other it broke my heart that she left this world but they said she left with a smile on her face.

This is just one of many experiences that I have had.
Loved to hear that I'm not the only one.

Teresa K.
tcwgrlup41 at yahoo dot com

desitheblonde said...

i all so have lived in old house and then the lady kept talking to
me and the dog she kept tell the dog dude i can not walk over you
i am old it was the lady was the
owner of the house and then found out that it was theland lord mom

Debby said...

I have heard conversations and could not find the source. It is very strange.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Not long after my hubby and I got married, a friend of his showed up at the end of our bed trying to tell my husband something. I could see him, but not hear him. We found out later, he had been killed in action around the time he was standing by our bed.

Jen B. said...

I haven't had an experience like that but my grandmother used to "feel" my grandfather with her long after he was gone. She described it as being like a slight cool breeze!

Rachel Firasek said...

Nicola, oh no! Sleep easy, I do. They don't bother me that much anymore.

mnjcarter, watch out for those head voices, they can be really frightful. lol. Thanks for stopping by!

Ammy, spooky, but I love it. Is it the subconscious mind playing a trick? or something else? Eeeriiieee!

Lisa, you and I are going to talk soon. I had radios come on randomly all the time. Dolls talked. I've always been haunted. ;)

Julie, do you have a deceased parent? Sometimes my spooks feel oddly familiar. I get this!

Katee, this is actually pretty typical. My husband is always fussing at me for getting out of bed several times when we first lay down. I'm always checking to see who is up. It took me a long time to realize that just because we went to bed, didn't mean they did...

Thanks, Rayka, don't forget to keep your eyes to the shadows...

Rhianna, yeah your right about the band. I knew that, but loved them both in school. :) Sorry... Also, it seems that when there are large quantities of people or souls unsettled that that is where the most strange things happen. Or, that has been my experience. Thanks for sharing.

Jen, stay that way. Sometimes being tuned in can be a bit weird.

Calisa, thank you so much and thanks for coming by!

Rachel Firasek said...

Donna, now that is creepy. I've never felt anything male. Weird huh?

Kathryn, thanks for forgiving my rockin error, lol. I'm glad that there are some peeps that haven't been bothered by the para world. ;)

Renee, you handle yours almost the same way I do. My kids think I'm crazy when I talk to the things they cannot see. ;)

Yto, believe me I could have probably lived without seeing my dolly talk to me when I was 5. That is a scarring memory. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a nice spirit.

B4Me, oh, is it the same spirit? There's something that draws her to you. That's kind of sad and sweet all at the same time.

Desi, if you still have those pics, I'd love to see them. That's awesome, and probably worth some money, lol.

Teresa, your stories always make me tear up. Hugs girl. I've had two similar experiences. When my grandmother died, my dad wasn't handling it well. He slept on the couch for weeks. I remember my baby brother playing in the kitchen and coming into my dad, running and a little freaked. He was 4. "I saw Grandma and she knocked my army man across the washer. She wasn't happy."

We were all about to brush him aside until he described exactly what she'd word to her grave, down to the shoes. He was 4. He shouldn't have remembered and he definitely wouldn't have known what shoes we picked out for her. She came to my dad that night and told him that she was okay. That he needed to let go. After that day and night, he was much easier. My brother is 25 and can still describe everything about that day.

Desi, isn't funny who we meet from the other side.

Debby, can you make out the conversations or are they garbled? Often at nights, I'll hear someone calling for "Momma." It wakes me up and I'll go check the kids. They are always asleep and the voice always waits until I'm back in bed to do it again, but it's kind of garbled like it's coming from the end of a long hall.

Patricia, that's so sad, but so sweet. His last thoughts were of your husband.

Jen, that is so awesome and comforting. I often wonder if my hubs dies before me, if he'll be able to come back and visit.

Shelley Munro said...

My skin prickled while reading that, Rachel. You reacted way more calmly than I would have.

Hubby and I used to work in pubs in London. The males who lived in the pub used to get up in the wee hours of the morning and run the bath. It happened several times, and was totally bizarre.

Rachel Firasek said...

Shelley, thanks! I'm assuming you meant the male ghosts? So weird that they would shower. lol. ;)

Louisa Bacio said...

Oooh, Rachel, creepy. Yep, ghostly things are a regular occurrence for me. One reason why I don't prefer to sleep alone. I shouldn't be scared after all these years, but I know exactly what you mean, "We're not alone."

Tore said...

That's creepy. Nothing strange has happened to me.

Kat Fort said...

I've always sworn to myself and made my hubby swear before we got married that if we ever were to buy a place, if we heard rumors that it was haunted or some tragedy happened there, no matter how much we want it, we will NOT live there! I'm just don't mess with that stuff.

When you go looking for trouble, the problem is that you find it.