Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Entangled Halloween Winners

Lisa Kessler 5 sets trading cards

Na said...

I always enjoy horror stories! Too bad for Lou, though. Thanks for the giveaway, Lisa :)


LizzieBeth said...

Awesome costume! Loved the excerpt very much.

GL with the giveaway.

Kathryn Merkel said...

Guess Lou, never hear "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it".

Thanks for having the giveaway.

drainbamaged.gyzmo at

Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

Great little short story. Love your Evil Queen costume--very nice.


alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

wanda f said...

Love your costume shes my favorite villan too .Thank you for sharing with us today and offering up these awesome Halloween goodies :)
Have a great weekend .

Nina Croft's winner Break Out

Debby said...

Sounds pretty creepy but I am hoping the dog saves the day.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Rachel Firasek The Last Rising

Blogger Teresa K. said...


Being Native American I live each day with supernatural occurances.

One in particular is that my people believe in toten's. When someone dies we believe the ones who are close will come to see you before they leave this world.

One day while living in Connecticut I was getting ready for work. Someone knocked on my door. I told them to come in since I was right there in the kitchen. No one entered so I blew it off as I was hearing things. A few minutes later a knock at the door again this time loud enough that my German Shepherd starting barking and growling at the door. Again I looked at the door and seen a shape at door and told them to come in. Then the figure at the door was no longer.

You see I was kneading dough and I was litterly knee deep in dough. My dog quieted done like the person left. So I went back to cleaning the dough off my hands this time. When I was almost through getting dough off my hands the knock at the door came again along with the shape at the door. Dog goes nuts again. I go to the door and still see shape in window of door but when I open the door. Nobody is there dog runs out door and is standing to the side barking straight at the door. I feel this overwelming emotion of love. Then it was gone and my dog sneezes and just sits down and whines. No more barking.
Later that day I go to my moms to stay the night and around 5:00 am we get a call telling us that my favorite aunt had passed yesterday in the pm. My mom was so shocked because she told my uncle that I had just talked to her the day before and she was so happy to hear from me.

My aunt was like a foster mom to me and she and I had so much love for each other it broke my heart that she left this world but they said she left with a smile on her face.

This is just one of many experiences that I have had.
Loved to hear that I'm not the only one.

Teresa K.
tcwgrlup41 at yahoo dot com

Natalie J Damschroder's winner is

mnjcarter said...

Oh that's any easy one for me!! I'd be Dr. Jane from Lover Unbound!
Then I'd get to be with Vichous for just one night!! Okay, yeah I'm married, and since neither of these people truley exist, except for the book, I figured it's just a nice rockin fantasy!!

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Carol L. said...

Sean Bean's Hitcher, Pennywise and Samara from The Ring. Great post and thanks for the chance.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

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Jen B. said...

I love the name of the book! But, it's kind of sad that you don't have another commercial holiday to waste your money on :) I love Halloween and all of the decorations!

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Victoria said...

Loved the post. It is always possible that the costume is real isn't it ;).
Thanks for the giveaway.


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books4me said...

My relationship story is not super exciting but am so glad I have the man I do! We worked together for a summer and became soulmate's without the love...he knew me inside and out better than anyone except my mother. We lost track of each other as I thought he had moved across the country. I met up with a mutual friends two years later and found out he was still in the area. I came home from college and we went out for pizza. We both realized that there was more than friendship there and we have been together ever since. We celebrated 17 years of marriage the beginning of this month!

books4me67 at

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Rhianna said...

I grew up pretty poor so a lot of the time our costumes were cobbled together from things we already had. My mum did sew me a witch costume I wore twice and an angel one. But it was my brother's fun-fur cat costume that made her stop. She said never again and that was the end of that. LOL

I usually get stuck sewing for my hubs' costumes 'cause he goes cosplay style and can't stand buying a costume. I think my favorite I've done though was actually a Link (from the Zelda games) one for my son. It wasn't a lot of sewing really and it looked so cool! It's amazing what you can do with an oversized t-shirt and some ingenuity.

Love the Arwen dress! When he was little my son though Liv Tyler was me. I couldn't explain that Arwen was not mommy. It was kinda cute really. Anyway I've always wanted to do an Arwen costume but that's considerably more sewing than I have the patience/money for these days.

always.and.never AT gmail DOT com

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DANIELA said...

Hi Laura
Which one is true? I don't know, maybe #2, or perhaps #1?
But true or false they were interesting, thanks for sharing them!

dany7578 at hotmail dot com

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Tammi said...

My birthday is the 29th, do when I was younger, I thought people got dressed up to celebrate me.


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Ammy Belle said...

Hm ... I can't say what I am secretly afraid of ... then it wouldn't be a secret, but I can set it up for you ...

This fear would come about if my legs were cramped, my body was squished and there were no air vents.

Yes. A mundane fear - probably a leftover from the time of cave dwellings ... but there it is. :)

Ammy Belle
apereiraorama @ gmail . com

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Debby said...

I love the waves crashing on rocks. It really impresses me with the poer of nature.
debby236 at gmail dot com


Jen B. said...

I am so excited! I am out of town right now but I will check my email ASAP! Thanks!

Carol L. said...

Just saw this. Thank you so much for the win. Congrats to the winners. WTG !
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com