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Review of Wicked Circle by Linda Robertson

Wicked Circle (Persephone Alcmedi, #5)Wicked Circle by Linda Robertson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow- best book of the series so far.

So much is changing and it's changing fast for Persephone.

Johnny has become the Domn Lup, Menessos is under attack by the vampire council who worry that Persephone is in control of him, and Persephone is the Lustrata and struggling with everything that means while still dealing with her mundane life and family.

Toss in "help" from the Goddess and a magickal stranger she dubs "Creepy" and her life has become more complicated than ever.

Menessos has a dream of Persephone, Johnny and he being a trio of strength, power and love but will his dream come true with the changes that are coming. Will everyone around them let his dream come to fruition if they find out what his goals are?

Wicked Circle was a fast paced read I just couldn't put down. I've loved all the books in this series so far but this one totally rocked. I tore through it in two nights.

I can't believe how quickly things are changing- and they don't even see it.

Johnny is more wolf than ever now that he's the Domn Lup and his power has come back to him after Persephone's mother removed part of the spells on him. The changes he is going through make him treat Persephone differently (that's putting it mildly but I can't give too much away) and that's going to come back and bite him in the ass. Plus he gets some news that no one seen coming- and this will surely change everything for him.

Menessos always has a few tricks up his sleeve so things come out how he wants them to. Does that make him a bad guy? Honestly I haven't decided yet.

That's the hard thing about this series, both guys are very flawed so it's hard to decide which one you want to root for, to pick one that Persephone should be with.

Does the vampire always get the girl? In almost every series I've read where there's a triangle- it is the vampire that wins. I wonder if that's how this will end up.

I have to admit I've never been a Johnny fan. I've always found him too crass but Menessos I've been unsure about but in this book, well that's changed a lot. I'm pretty sure I'm rooting for the vampire now.

We'll just have to see where the next story takes everything.

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