Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chivalry Never Dies Tour for Immortal Hope by Claire Ashgrove

Hopeful Holidays

Well, we’ve hit the downtime briefly. Christmas is over; New Years has come and gone. We’ve relaxed with family, toasted with champagne and eaten until we could roll down the hall. The last year has been quite eventful for me. I released a few stories that were extremely special to me (A Broken Christmas), I launched a paranormal short-story series, and I sold some projects that were very important to me.

I spent some wonderful time with my children, and relearned the magic of Santa, as I do each year. It’s such a special feeling to see their faces alight with joy when they come bounding into my room – “Mommy! Wake UP! Santa’s been here!”

And I find myself wishing, just for a little while, that I could wake up, just once, so glad to see morning. I sincerely despise waking. Though their exuberance makes it worth it one day a year. (Laugh)

Now, January is here, and while the world has officially put New Years back on the shelf until December 31, 2012, I’m just celebrating my turning of the year. This coming year is one of hope for me—hope that I’ll please my readers, hope that my new projects will be strong, hope that what I’ve worked on the hardest will be as rewarding to romance enthusiasts as it was for me to craft.

I spent a lot of time working on IMMORTAL HOPE. A lot more time waiting for it to move from contracted to released. It seems like eons have passed since I penned those words, and yet, I’m still as in love with the series as I was when I typed the first sentence.

And it too, as the name implies, is based on hope.

Unlike my brimming hope, however, Merrick du Loire has lost his. Too many years of fighting the dark minions of Azazel’s realm have eradicated his ability to believe the Templar will know anything but damnation. He too has been waiting. Waiting so long on the promise of salvation that he’s forgotten the prophecy of salvation. I can relate to that. At one point it felt like his story would never make it to the shelves. But it’s here now, and with its coming, I’m once again inspired.

That inspiration has fed way-too-many resolutions! But I think we all get gung-ho at the turning of a year. For a little while we’re on top of the world, believing we can do anything. Case in point – I have this crazy notion I will finish all the novels lined up in my “Idea” folder. In another month or so, after that darn Valentine’s hype, and after I age another year, reality will kick in. I’ll go back to my GANTT chart and start adjusting dates. Just like that promise to cut back on coffee is apt to turn into a promise to consume twice as much.

Only, unlike Merrick, when my hope begins to falter, it won’t be because I’ve been eternally cursed, or that my soul is dying, or that I’ve fallen in love with a woman who can save a Templar Knight…and doesn’t belong to me.

What about all of you? What New Years promises did you make, and which ones are most apt to change along the way?


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Author Bio

Claire Ashgrove has been writing since her early teens and maintained the hobby for twenty years before deciding to leap into the professional world. Her first contemporary novel, Seduction's Stakes, sold to The Wild Rose Press in 2008, where she continues to write steamy, sexy stories for the Champagne and Black Rose lines. Adding to these critically acclaimed contemporaries, Claire’s paranormal romance series, The Curse of the Templars, debuts with Tor in January 2012. For those who prefer the more erotic side of romance, she also writes for Berkley Heat under the pen name Tori St. Claire.

Claire lives on a small farm in Missouri with her two toddler sons, fifteen horses, four cats, and five dogs. In her “free” time, she enjoys cooking, winning at rummy, studying ancient civilizations, and spending quiet moments with her family, including the critters. She credits her success to her family's constant support and endless patience.

To learn more about Claire, visit her at:
Twitter: @ClaireAshgrove


CENTURIES AGO,Templar knights defied the archangels and unearthed the copper scroll, revealing the gates to hell. Cursed for their forbidden act, they forever roam the earth protecting mankind from evil. But darkness stalks them, and battles they fight bring them ever-closer to eternal damnation.

One promise remains to give them salvation – the return of the seraphs.Embittered by his purpose, Merrick du Loire must honor an ancient pact and bring peace to his cousin’s soul. When he stumbles upon history professor Anne MacPherson, he discovers she possesses a sacred artifact that marks her as a seraph. Duty demands he set aside his personal quest and locate the knight she’s fated to heal.

As he struggles with conflicting oaths, Anne arouses buried hope and sparks forbidden desire that challenges everything he’s sworn to uphold. Anne has six weeks to complete her thesis on the Knights Templar. When Merrick takes her to the Templar stronghold, he presents her with all she needs—and awakens a soul-deep ache, he alone can soothe. Yet loving Merrick comes with a price. If she admits she's destined for him, her gift of foresight predicts his death.


“Merrick, wait,” she called softly.

“Nay,” he answered on a hard swallow. “Nay, Anne. If I stay another moment, I will have you in that bed.” He shoved a hand through his hair and reached for the doorknob.

“But that’s where I want you,” she whispered.

He nodded once, a sharp dip of his chin. Pulling the door open, he answered, “I know.” Another protest, and he would turn right back to her waiting arms, cart her off to that oversized bed. When he finished with her, he would hate himself.

He entered the hall and shut the door.

Determination narrowed his gaze as he descended the stairs. He trained his thoughts to his cousin, focused on the oath he swore to Fulk. The very moment Anne discovered her intended, he vowed to leave. No sacred nail, no protected relic, no other oath would he honor until he fulfilled the promise to his kin. In so doing, he would free himself from this torment and lift his blade in Azazel’s name. It was a price he no longer feared to pay.


marybelle said...

I'm not a morning person myself. I did not make any New Years promises. I'll make them as I go along. I'm more inclined to keep them then.


Debby said...

I am a morning person and I do make resolutions. I just don't start them right away. I studied in Malta in college and the Templars left a lot of history there.

Dannyfiredragon said...

I am a morning person, but I don't really believe in making New Year's resolution. Although I set a goal that I want to reach this year. I want to finish my first book

Joanne said...

I'm more of a late morning person and I didn't make any New Year's resolutions this year. However, I do want to read more, but that's a goal. I have really enjoyed this blog hop. Thanks.


mcv said...

I'm a morning person. It's the best part of the day for me.
I made some small New Years promises to myself that I intend to keep.
mcv111(at) hotmail(dot)com

Catherine Lee said...

Is a New Year's promise the same as a resolution? I am NOT a morning person but I force myself to be for work--I'm there working by 7:30 every day. So my resolution is to broaden my reading horizons. I'm mostly a non-fiction reader. This year, I'm going to explore more genres.

Jean P said...

I am a morning person, love that time of the day. I don't make resolutions anymore. Just have a goal of eating healthier and being more active this year.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Rebe said...

I am soooo not a morning person!!! I'm definitely a night owl. I've kinda given up on resolutions. I've had some successful ones, but in general I'm a bust when it comes to resolutions.


Sophia Rose said...

Ha! Not a morning person here and I always make New Year's goals, but accomplish only about 50% of them. I tell myself that this is ok because that is more than I might have done if I hadn't tried to accomplish the goals.

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

June M. said...

I am definitely not a morning person! I tend to be a night-owl instead. As for resolutions, I don't make them. I do set goals but I do this throughout the year, just whenever the mood strikes. This way, I am more likely to stick with something, and not get frustrated and give up.
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

Claire Ashgrove said...

Marybelle, I think I should adopt your theory of making them as you go along! I'd probably see more success.

Claire Ashgrove said...

Debby... oooh, yes they did leave a lot of history there. Am so envious you may have seen it hands on!

Claire Ashgrove said...

Dannyfiredragon -- my sincerest, most supportive wishes that you do finish that first book! It's a milestone, when you do. You'll love hitting that point too.

Claire Ashgrove said...

Joanne, I'm being forced to become more of a late morning person. 9am no more feels like an ungodly hour anymore. Thanks to two small demidemons who think breakfast is something important :P Imagine that.

Claire Ashgrove said...

Mcv, that's frightening :P I just don't understand morning people at all.

CatherineLee -- after my own heart! I used to do the same in the corporate world. In by 7:30 am. Ugh. So glad that is no more. And the non-fiction -- I had to train myself to read more fiction. I'd much rather hole up with a history book.

JeanP and Rebe, I'm only committing to my New Years Writing Resolutions. Everything else I'm playing by ear. No sense in making them anymore, imho.

Sophia Rose -- Amen. Love that mindset! :)

JuneM -- night owls are awesome ;) Yeah, goals are so much more productive, I think. They don't sound as daunting as 'resolutions' either.

Tore said...

I am not a morning person. I like sleeping in. I didn't make any new years resolutions. Please enter me in contest. I would love to read this book.

*yadkny* said...

I'm a late morning person, but I just don't get to be in the real world:) I promised to continue my weightloss journey for better or worse. I've thankfully kept on-going with the weightloss, but I do plateau and it can get frustrating.

Julianne said...

I'm more of a night owl instead of a morning person. I used to stay up late with my Dad when I was young. I guess I still stay up late now that I'm old. :)
I really didn't make any resolutions this year, they usually don't make it very long. I'm just trying to live day by day and the best I can.
luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

Gabby said...

I'm not much of a morning person either, that is unless I absolutely have to be.

I find myself being way more active at night.

As for New Year's resolutions? I made just two and I really hope to do better by the first one this year!

Good luck keeping your resolutions everyone!

Claire Ashgrove said...

Tore, Yadkny, thanks for dropping in! Good luck with the weightloss. I know that can be frustrating... but oh so rewarding too!

Julianne and Gabby, thank you also for dropping in. I too hope to do better, but the more years that roll by,the less I make an actual resolution.

However, one of mine was to get this novella finished this month. If that's going to happen, I have to hop off the tour for tonight.

I'll check back in the AM!

lindalou said...

I'm also a morning person... and I also did not make any New Year's resolutions this year. I'm very good, though, about working out regularly... so I guess you could say I'm still working on a New Year's resolution that I made YEARS ago. LOL!
Your book sounds fabulous... That small excerpt you provided was a HUGE teaser to read it... AND I absolutely love your cover.
Thanks for your giveaways!

booklover0226 said...

I am a morning person. I like to get up early and get things done, so I can enjoy the rest of the day. Each year, I try to make a change in my life; hoping that change will help others.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

Kara D. said...

I am not a morning person XD Definitely not. I'm a mid afternoon to evening person.

Looks like a great book! Totally have a crush on Merrick already ;]

Lexi said...

I attempted to cut back on the caffeine...but when my one year olds decide to wake up at 5 am I threw that goal in the trash. I love my caffeine in the morning!

Merrick sure has a lot of reasons to have lost all hope. It is going to have to be a powerful thing to bring it back...can't wait to read and see how that goes!!

eyesofblueice (at) gmail (dot) com

Tanya1224 said...

I'm following along on the hop =) I made the resolution to be more active with my 5 year boy. He loves to go outside and play games when he gets home from school. I always say I don't feel like it. I'm going to try and play more with him. I know he'll only be young once. Thanks for the chance to win Claire's book.