Sunday, January 8, 2012

Would You Be Interested in Flint Fang Fest 2012?

This year the Flint Horror Convention is in its second year and will be held on October 20. The Flint Vampire Ball is in its fifth year and will be held on October 27.

The vast popularity of vampires and werewolves is evident everywhere: in books, in TV shows like The Vampire Diaries and True Blood, and in movies (the most popular being the Twilight Saga- in which Breaking Dawn Part 2 opens in theaters November 16, 2012).

Why not take the opportunity to launch the Flint Fang Fest? We could kick off Fang Fest at the Horror Convention and end it with the Vampire Ball. It could be a weeklong event throughout Flint and surrounding areas.

Think about it- supernatural theme events will already be in full swing for Halloween, why not add to this with Paranormal themed events local businesses can take part in-put Flint on the map for something that has the potential to draw crowds from other areas of Michigan, perhaps even other states.

I’m thinking art galleries could host scary art shows with vampire, werewolf and other paranormal themes.

Local performers and venues could host Vampire Burlesque shows, or perhaps a Paranormal Fashion show (think 1940s pin up girls with fangs, Victorian finery vampire style, Werewolf Biker Chic).

I would love to get local book stores and libraries involved by hosting multiple author book signing events.

We can even help the community by involving charity organizations- set up a blood drive with the Red Cross (donate blood, vampires will thank you), have local pet adoptions set up with the theme “Love Fangs? Adopt a Pet”.

Other possibilities include collecting Toys for Tots or canned goods for the local food bank, perhaps offering a discount on tickets when a toy or can of food is donated.

With Flint being “Vehicle City” perhaps we could even set up a scary car show. Anyone that has a tricked out hearse, sleek sexy car (or truck) with scary paint jobs, or anyone who just a vehicle a vampire would definitely be caught dead in could show off their wheels.

If you would be interested in taking part in this unique opportunity to breath new (undead) life into Flint, give local businesses an economic boost, help local charities, and have fun while doing it please contact me at to discuss the possibilities.

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