Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Guest Blog and Giveaway with Carly Fall Author of Finding My Faith

Hot Men From Another Universe – Carly Fall

When the idea for this series began to form, frankly, the thought of writing about beings from other universes grossed me out.  When I think of the word “alien,” it is not a pretty picture that comes to my mind.  I see movies like E.T., or Alien, or War of the Worlds.  Not exactly the picture of an entity that I want to swoop me off my feet.

I knew I wanted my aliens to look like humans and interact like humans, but I also wanted them to have specific characteristics that identified them as aliens (seriously, I even hate writing the word!!).  And I wanted them to come from a peaceful place and not be the type of race to wage war on every other planet.  I wanted them to have a distinct purpose.  I didn’t want them to really want to come to Earth, but for them to have to come to Earth.

And I think I accomplished my goals.  My boys are all hot alpha males, but with faults and imperfections, as well as vulnerabilities.  They are the Warriors of their planet sent to Earth for a noble purpose:  to eradicate the evil from their world that has wreaked havoc on Earth in the form of some of our most notorious criminals, such as Jeffrey Dahmer, Saddam Hussein, and Jack the Ripper.  They want to achieve their mission and then go home.

Their planet is a beautiful, calm, serene place, as are its inhabitants.  Their alien forms are made up of wisps of brightly colored smoke.  To blend into to this world, they have been given large, strong human bodies, and the only way you would know they are aliens is because at night their eyes glow the color of their alien beings.

For me, mission accomplished.  I’d let any of my Warriors swoop me off my feet any day!

Finding my Faith

By Carly Fall

Growing up in a small Northern Arizona town, Faith Cloudfoot’s life was spent playing in the forests surrounding her house under the protective eyes of her father, and learning about the legends of her Native American heritage.

Yearning for more out of her life, she moves to Phoenix, Arizona at the age of twenty-three where she is kidnapped and almost killed.

Rayner has a special ability, one that weighs on him like a curse. He can see spirits trapped in between life and their final resting place. Because he can’t do much to help them, he studiously ignores them. He concentrates, instead, on working with his fellow warriors to right the wrongs caused by the evil criminals from his home planet.

When Rayner sees Faith in her spirit form while investigating a lead in Phoenix, his attraction to her is immediate, yet he follows his own personal code and ignores her cry for attention. When he realizes that she may be a stepping stone to getting him home to his own universe, he engages Faith and begins to use her as a means to an end: going home.

As the attraction grows stronger, Rayner finds himself breaking all sorts of self-set rules, as well as the code of ethics set by him and his fellow warriors. When Faith nears death, Rayner realizes that he must do everything in his power to save her, because if he doesn’t, he may just lose himself.

About the Author:

Carly Fall lives in Arizona with her incredibly supportive husband, their son and their dog.
She enjoys the weather in Arizona, and when she isn't writing, you can find her spending time with her family, or lazily floating in the pool.

Carly has spent twenty years writing business materials, and Shackled to the Night was her first foray into fiction.

For more information on upcoming books as well as freebies and giveaways, visit her website at www.CarlyFall.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Carly-Fall/135934843166283

Twitter: CarlyFall1

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Criss said...

Hi Carly! Your book is a refreshing change from the aliens attacking earth line. I'm glad of it, I love your post and this new book sounds wonderful, I would love to read it.

Carly Fall said...


Thank you for stopping by and commenting! Yes, my guys really don't want to be here :)

Carly Fall said...

Thank you for hosting my again, Roxanne. Have a wonderful day :)

Julie said...

Hi Carly: If all aliens were as sexy and hunky as these guys, we would never be afraid. We only wish there were more of them!


Julianne said...

Hi Carly, I'm really looking forward to getting into this series. I'd love to win. The book covers for your books are very sexy. I read a book where aliens had taken over Earth and they were hideous looking. But they could change shape to anything. It was very different.
luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com