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Dreams Guest Blog by Jenna Kay


        What kind of dreams do you have? 

        I'm not talking about the dreams you have for your future or real life.  I'm talking about the dreams you have when you're in a deep slumber—or light slumber—whichever slumber you're in. 
        What does your subconscious relay to you in your sleep?
        As for me, sometimes I have some pretty awesome dreams, and sometimes I have just plain awful, grueling dreams.  Some of my favorites are visiting with a loved ones that have passed on, and also where I'm a millionaire bathing in a tub full of hundreds (that one usually happens after I eat Chinese food—yeah, not sure why either). 

        If my journey as a writer has taught me anything it's that my dreams are the fuel to my imagination, the spark that brings the supernatural to life.  I have learned that writing down my dreams helps along with my stories.  Whether I wake up at three in the morning or from an afternoon nap, those dreams are written down, some discarded, some valuable to the plot. 
        Some of you know that I am the author of the Seer Society Series and The Gracen Chronicles (coming soon!)  The Seer Society is a different take on angels, demons, spiritual warfare, and Biblical Seers...basically good vs. evil with a major supernatural twist.  I can honestly say that some of my characters, scenes, descriptions, etc., have come from my dreams.  Even from my nightmares...hey, everyone has nightmares every now and again, even when you're awake.

        What kinds of dreams do you have?  Are they sweet dreams, or are they in-your-face, wanna scream nightmares? 

        Today I'm going to share with you a dream (or nightmare) that Clarity Miller has in Mark of the Seer.  The Seers in my series can receive dreams from God and from the devil, alerting them of the future and if someone is in danger.  The dream can prepare Clarity for future events, though at the time of this dream she's unsure of how to perceive it.

        I hope you enjoy it!  To understand more of Clarity's life as a Seer please checkout Mark of the Seer, the first book in the Seer Society Series.

Clarity's dream from Chapter Seventeen (Mark of the Seer)
By Jenna Kay
Copyright 2012

Rain hits me hard against my face as I run, dodging tree limbs as I pass.  I was pumping my legs as hard as they would go, and my heart was beating so fast I thought that at any moment it would burst out of my chest.  The ground felt mushy under my bare feet, the sky continuing to unload heavy amounts of water onto the earth.  Trepidation scores through my veins as a deep sadness begins devouring my soul.  Tears fall down my face like waterfalls, and I release a loud sob that echoes throughout the dense woods.
            I can hear someone chasing after me, and I know that whoever it is has done something terribly wrong—I can feel it.
            Pain.  Sadness.  Guilt.  Confusion.
            Whoever is running after me has caused so much destruction, so much misery and chaos, that my whole life, my whole world has completely come undone.
        I suddenly come to a clearing, halting my steps before running off into empty air.  A drop-off about thirty feet down greets me, telling me there is no escape from my pursuer.  Looking down I notice a creek, its waters flowing fiercely, the storm succeeding in deepening its depths. I sense someone standing behind me.  Slowly I turn around to face them.  I can't see who it is for the darkness has completely swallowed them, hiding them in a trench of blackness.  All I can see is something shine where a persons hand would be, some kind of object I can't explain.  Since I had stopped running I finally notice that my hands are burning so furiously that I bite down hard on my bottom lip to keep from screaming.
            Lightening strikes a nearby tree, and the force is so great that the ground trembles under our feet.  The rain is pouring even harder now, stinging my eyes.  I can barely see in front of me.
        “What have you done?”  I scream at the one standing in front of me, the shiny object shaking in their hand.  I know that something horrible has just taken place.  I can feel it, like someone's life force has been dimmed forever.
            Then, before I even know what's happening, I'm falling off the ledge and into the rocky creek below.

Mark of the Seer

By Jenna Kay


Clarity Miller always thought of her life as semi-normal. She had friends that would do anything for her, a boyfriend madly in love with her, and a roof over her head that she shared with her aunt.

Everything seemed to be falling into place. That is, until the day she met Sam.

When Sam informs her that he's her guardian angel and that she has been given the gifts of a Seer, her life starts spiraling out of control. She wants nothing to do with the spiritual realm.

All she wants is to have a normal life as a teenager, but when a tragedy occurs that causes the whole town of Garlandton to fall to its knees she realizes that she has a very important decision to make.

Should she embrace the life of a Seer?

Only time will tell...

About the Author:

Jenna Kay has always had a vivid imagination and decided at 30 years old that it was time to bring the real supernatural to life. Jenna's heart is to impact the lives of young adults that are going through the hardships of this life with a hope that there is way more out there than just the pains of the world.

Jenna grew up with three older brothers which made her one tough cookie. She was blessed with two loving parents, both that encouraged her to follow her dreams and always made sure that she was in Church.

Jenna graduated from high school in Georgia, where she played varsity basketball. Later, Jenna obtained a cosmetology license from the State of Georgia and practiced cosmetology for 8 years before becoming a full time author.

Jenna currently resides in North Georgia where, when not writing, she spends time with her three young children and her loving husband.

Jenna works to help those who need guidance and love that is far greater than we can provide. There IS hope.







Twitter: ClarityJennaKay
Skype: jenna.kay3

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