Friday, May 11, 2012

Guest Blog with Yolanda Sfetsos

The Importance of a Series Bible

Hi, everyone! Firstly, I'd like to thank Roxanne for having me over here today. :)

I have a new book coming out from Samhain Publishing in a few days. It's an urban fantasy novel called A Patch of Darkness. It also happens to be my first Sierra Fox book. I knew that Sierra's story would become a series pretty early on.

At first, I wasn't sure how many books it would take to tell her story but I knew that in order to keep everything straight in my head, I needed a place to keep all of the relevant information. There's just too much to remember. Starting with something as detailed as the different types of spirits that inhabit her world, to something as simple as the colour of her eyes. Putting all the pieces together in the one place even helped me figure out how many books it would take to tell her story.

The Sierra Fox Series Bible became a place where I could list anything and everything about the characters, each book plot, subplots, character pics, creatures, locations, etc. I knew that if I didn't write everything down, I might run the risk of forgetting something important in future books. And then ruin the continuity of the series. I even designed the suburb, named places, and designed her house--both inside and out. It was a lot of fun, but very time consuming. Still, it's definitely something I'm very glad I started, because I've already looked things up several times. :)

Plus, there's still plenty of room in the notebook to add more stuff. I love it!

When you add real life, other stories, reading, and everything else that gets jammed into my brain on a daily basis, a series bible is essential!

Thanks for reading,

All it takes is one weak seam for everything to fall apart.

Sierra Fox, Book 1

In a perfect world, Sierra Fox would have stayed away from the Council she left years ago. But in this world—where spirits have the right to walk among the living—it’s her job to round up troublesome spooks and bring them before that very same Council.

Though her desk is piled high with open cases, she can’t resist an anonymous summons to a mysterious late-night meeting with a bunch of other hunters, each of whom seems to have a unique specialty. The news is dire: something is tearing at the fabric of the universe. If the hunters can’t find who or why in time, something’s going to give in a very messy way.

As current cases, family secrets, new clues and her tangled love life slowly wind themselves into an impossible knot, Sierra finds herself the target of a power-sucking duo intent on stealing her mojo. And realizing she holds the key to the last hope of sealing the widening rift.

Warning: Spook catching: may contain traces of ectoplasm and otherworldly nasties. Not recommended for those with allergies to ghosts, demons, and with boyfriends who think your power is theirs. While reading, avoid dark patches and stay to the light.


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