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Press Release: CJ Ellisson Touring with Bewitching Book Tours

 Contact: Roxanne Rhoads, Publicist
Bewitching Book Tours

Author C.J. Ellisson is touring her sexy erotic vampire series the VV Inn with Bewitching Book Tours throughout June and July.

Sterling, VA  May 26, 2012

Join the ranks of paranormal enthusiasts with C.J. Ellison’s collection of vampire books, a series called The VV Inn. C.J. will be touring with Bewitching Blog Tours in June and July, allowing readers to take a peek into the world of urban fantasy and romance.

Big Game is the third book in the VV Inn series featuring vampires Vivian and Rafe and it promises to be just as sexy as the first two books in the series but this isn’t your average erotica novel, Ellisson’s books, while featuring vampires, address relationship issues that many deal with in real life.

“I’ve read the genre for years, and the most annoying recurring trait throughout the bestsellers is the main characters' lack of relationship stability and constant bed-hopping.

“That may be fine when you’re young and twenty-two,” Ellisson continues, “but when you’re a mature reader it gets annoying that your favorite genre completely overlooks the difficulty and challenges of keeping a relationship strong and sexually healthy as the years go on. Which in my mind is a heck of a lot harder than falling into lust with the latest hot guy.

“Why can’t the heroine save the world, solve the crime, and journey to unknown lands with a strong man by her side supporting her?

“That’s what I wanted to read, so I wrote it.”

The main character of Ellisson’s novels, Vivian, owns a resort for the undead.  Her ability to project illusions has created the perfect vacation spot—an Alaskan hideaway where visitors can have their wildest fantasies come true.

In book one, Vampire Vacation, Vivian discovers a corpse in a locked guestroom minutes before the next arrivals. The second in the series, The Hunt, opens with seven vampires and seven werewolves preparing to hunt a supernatural criminal across the grounds of the Alaskan resort. Third in the series, Big Game promises two adventures, one involving the shooting of a werewolf at the Alaskan resort and another that lead us through Vivian and Rafe’s challenges of tracking down who suspects Vivian’s most well-guarded secret.

Big Game
Book Three The VV Inn Series
by C.J. Ellisson

In this much-anticipated third installment of the V V Inn series, our sexy couple journeys to Argentina, bringing half their seethe along for the ride. 

Vivian and Rafe venture into the Seat of Darkness, the Tribunal’s base, to uncover who’s plotting them against and why. From a cold, windy island off the southern Argentine coast, to the decadence of Buenos Aires, the group has plenty to keep their attention—seductive twins, deadly games, and a bunch of bloodsucking fiends who hate our much-loved, despotic innkeeper enough to see her dead. 

Asa and Jon stay in Alaska, to manage the famous inn as it opens doors to a new type of guest. Visiting werewolves go on their first exploration of the property, looking for big game—hormones run high and shots ring out across the tundra. Soon, the hunters become the hunted and the peaceful getaway resembles a battleground. 

How many will survive the next five days and will they ever be the same again? 

Warning: This book contains very explicit sex scenes and is not intended for readers under 18.

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