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Mythology, Space and Edits Guest blog by Maria Hammarblad

Mythology, space, and edits.

Thank you Fang-tastic books for having me as a guest blogger! It's a pleasure to be here, though I have to admit I panicked for just a second when I realized where I was going. I mean, no one can deny vampires are the big thing. I personally prefer the old-fashioned kind with a touch of evil -- or at least desire -- before the eternally teenage ones frequently featured in media, but they're okay too. My books just don’t have any. (At least that's what I thought.)

My mind has been completely focused on my new release Kidnapped. It is a science fiction romance set in an environment utterly free from anything paranormal. It has evil, aliens, space, love, a cool cover, and oodles of other things, but nothing supernatural.

As I sat here scratching my head, wondering how to tackle the situation, my husband said, "Tell them about the Goddess's Saga." He's clearly smarter than I am: this book has it all. There is a goddess, mythology, genetically manipulated humans, monsters from another dimension, and even a vampire-like being.

The main character, Maria Callaway, was originally invented as a role playing character back in 2007. She took on a life of her own, found relatives, and grew friendships. She is older than she can keep track of, powerful, beautiful, and extremely bored. When I decided to put her in an actual novel, I tried changing her name, thinking of the mockery that would inevitably follow having a heroine sharing your own first name. (Just imagine, "Haha, you would like to be a goddess, wouldn't you?") It didn't work. Every time I changed her name, her personality changed too.

Her counterpart, Stephan Forks, is a genetically manipulated human. He is built to be stronger and smarter than people in general. When the book starts he's also a generally careless drunk, good at finding trouble. They shouldn't even like each other, but after getting over the first annoyance, they make a good couple.

The Goddess's Saga is really a collection volume containing three novels with the same characters. (Touch of the Goddess, Wrath of the Goddess, and Return of the Goddess.) I have learned so much from writing these books! They're self-published, and when I finished Touch of the Goddess, I realized I needed an editor. I hired one online and waited eagerly to get the material back. Let’s just say, it's a small fortune I could have spent better. I did learn some things, but the result wasn't impressive. I re-wrote that book for the release of The Goddess's Saga, and this time I took editing help from an author friend. I'm sure it's not perfect, one always makes mistakes, but it's much better.

Going from this haphazard self-editing to the structured way at a publishing house was a big step for me. Kidnapped was edited four times -- I think, it might be five -- by several different people. It's fascinating how something that seems completely clear in one's own head can puzzle others. My mind knows what the places look like and what happens between the lines.

I fought some of the edits to start with. I honestly thought my original way of doing things was better and didn’t want to re-write, but now when I see the final result, I know they were right and I was wrong.

I'm working on edits for another book now, also with Desert Breeze Publishing, and my editor for this book is tough. We're working on my first re-write and I won't lie; it stings a little when someone wants you to use the language in a completely different way from what you're used to. Still, when I read the parts we've remade, the end result will be awesome.

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by Maria Hammarblad


It's a late winter night when Patricia Risden heads home in her car, on a road she's driven many times before. She doesn't have a care in the world, that is, until a man appears from nowhere, right in front of her.

The next thing she knows is being a prisoner of the unscrupulous Alliance Commander Travis 152; an intimidating man who demands information and complete cooperation. Travis soon realizes his mistake; Tricia doesn't know anything, and she is incapable of even getting a glass of water from the ship's computer. 

Infamous for being a ruthless executioner, conditioned since childhood to feel nothing besides fear and pain, he still deems her harmless, and finds enough pity for the lost young woman to let her out of the cell; a decision that will change both their lives forever. 

Brief "about the book" from author Lynette Endicott 

Kidnapped is a well-written Science Fiction story of a woman kidnapped from earth and taken on a whirlwind tour of the universe with a captor whose heart is thawed by her innocence. This does not please his commander, who pursues, captures and loses both characters. In the process there is fun, adventure, sizzle, and an introduction to different worlds and their impact, one day, on our own. Be sure to pick up Kidnapped by Maria Hammarblad available from Desert Breeze Publishing.

Biography Maria Hammarblad 

Born in Sweden in the early 1970's, Maria showed a large interest for books at an early age. Even before she was able to read or write, she made her mom staple papers together into booklets she filled with drawings of suns and planets. She proudly declared them, "The Sun Book." They were all about the sun. She also claimed, to her mother's horror, that her being on Earth was a big mistake and that her alien family would come and bring her home at any moment. This never happened, but both the interest in space and the passion for bookmaking stayed with her. 

As an adult Maria's creativity got an outlet through playing bass in a number of rock bands, and through writing technical manuals and making web pages for various companies and organizations. She did write drafts for a few novels, but the storytelling muse was mostly satisfied through role playing online on Myspace. 

It was here, while writing stories together with people from around the globe, she stumbled onto Mike. They started talking out of character, and she moved over to Florida to him late 2008. Today the two are married and live in the Tampa Bay area with three rescue dogs. 

Besides writing and playing bass, Maria enjoys driving off-road, archery, and Tameshigiri. 

Twitter: @mariahammarblad 

Maria_Hammarblad Publisher's website: 

Books by Maria Hammarblad: 

The Goddess's Saga, a series of novels consisting of Touch of the Goddess, Wrath of the Goddess, and Return of the Goddess. 

Embarkment 2577, a series of novellas consisting of Brand New World, High Gravity, and Adam and Eve. 

Invasion and other short stories 

Kidnapped Upcoming releases: Undercover, to be released by Desert Breeze Publishing September 11, 2012. 

Youtube book trailers: 

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