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The Power of Stories Guest Blog and Giveaway with Guillaume Wolf

The Power of Stories (Why I write)

Hi, this is Guillaume Wolf “Prof. G,” author of the newly released supernatural thriller, The Last Arakad. Before we start, I want to thank Fang-tastic Books for inviting me to guest blog; it’s a pleasure to be here.

So today, I’d like to talk with you about the power of stories.

As I write these lines, it’s “bedtime” at my house. In the background I can hear my wife Joanne reading a story to our baby girl, Margaux (8 months old)—a story about a dog with spots. It’s a sweet melody, only echoed by the clicking sound of my fingers running on the keyboard.
         And as you read these lines, I’d like to invite you to remember your past: what stories did you hear as a kid? And more importantly: how did they influence you?
         As a child, I remember listening to my mom reading Greek mythology—dramatic stories of Gods, fantastic creatures, and struggling human—all joined together (for better or worse) in impossible adventures. Later, as a teen, I read my own books: Stephen King, Isaac Asimov, J.R.R. Tolkien, or H.P. Lovecraft. Through school, I read French literature (I grew up in France so it came with the territory); I really enjoyed the plays of Molière, and the poetry of Charles Baudelaire. I was also interested in American novels, like the darker worlds of William S. Burroughs or Philip K. Dick.
         Over the course of my life (I’m 42 now), I’ve read thousands of stories in books, watched thousands of stories in film, listened to thousands of stories in music, and heard thousands and thousands of stories in the news.
         My guess is, in your own life, you’ve been exposed to the same amount of stories as I have.
         It turns out, you and I are story-bound.
         So I’m asking the question again: how did these stories influence you?
         Maybe more than you think . . .
         Here, I’d like to share two funny anecdotes. When I was a kid (living in Paris in the 80’s), I remember watching a thriller called Looker (1981)—a very silly film taking place in Los Angeles. Today, I live in Los Angeles, and a few months ago, I decided to watch this movie again—a blast from the past. I literally gasped when I saw the hero exploring an intriguing futuristic-looking building. This was the Art Center building where I now teach creative skills every week! It seems I now live inside this story (well, almost).
         Recently, I was watching a 1989 Woody Allen movie called Crimes and Misdemeanors that I’d seen once when it came out. I double-gasped when one of the characters tells about a journalistic piece about creative geniuses called “Creative Minds.” For the past few years I’ve been meeting top-creatives and interviewed them for a magazine feature I’ve called . . . You’ve already guessed: “Creative Minds”! (BTW: this series lead me to write my book on reinvention and creativity, reDESIGN: reCREATE check it out
         So as a recipient (reader/watcher/listener) of stories, I know how powerful they can be. Stories entertain us. Stories inspire us. Stories remind us our lives can be meaningful. Stories open new doors of possibilities.
         Which leads me to talk a bit about my role as a storyteller/author. My novel, The Last Arakad, is an entertaining magical thrill ride—but it’s also a powerful story of about life, loss, magic, and claiming your own power. It’s “entertainment with depth” as one of my readers told me.
         The “depth” comes from the numerous hurdles I’ve encountered in my own life—and how I synthesized these experiences and put them back into the story. Somehow, this is why I write. I want to share stories that make a difference—because I know, no matter how bad things can be—there’s always hope, and storytelling reveals this window of hope.
         Did I succeeded in making a story that entertains and inspires?
         I certainly hope so; but it’s not for me to decide. This is why I invite you to read The Last Arakad so you can tell me if I succeeded.

Now I’d love to hear your comments: What stories influenced your life? How?         

by Guillaume Wolf “Prof. G”

Do you believe in destiny?

When sensitive Maya moves with her brother Thomas from Los Angeles to Paris hoping for a better life, she has no idea that everything is about to dramatically change. 

What starts as an initiation into the age-old Arakad magical tradition takes an unexpected turn when a wave of brutal murders shatters her world. Caught up in an ancient prophecy, she finds herself at the center of a ruthless battle between good and evil in which humanity’s future is at stake. 

When all hope is lost and she becomes the final target of a sinister clan, will Maya learn to trust herself and her own power? Or will her own fears prevail?


Born in Africa (Sénégal), raised in Paris, France, and currently living in Los Angeles, California, Guillaume Wolf “Prof G.” embodies the spirit of the 21st Century “global village.” 

Guillaume has spent decades exploring the transformative power of symbols, archetypes, and creativity (and their relationship with the everyday world); and this passion inspires his writing. 

Guillaume’s background includes among others: creative director; branding consultant; and teacher of communication design at the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

He is the author of reDESIGN: reCREATE, a book about reinvention and creativity. The Last Arakad is his first novel.

Guillaume lives with his wife and daughter in Los Angeles, California.

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