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Press Release The Naked Truth

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The Naked Truth

Romance can be found in the darkest places.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada The Naked Truth Online Book Tour Launches with Bewitching Book Tours June 11 and goes through June 18

Susan has been through hell - after enduring brutal torture at the hands of terrorists, she returns home to to a horrible accusation: treason. Captain Susan Branscombe is now suspect number one in a criminal case that threatens to undermine her reputation...and her life.

What’s worse than being captured by the enemy and tortured? Being released and sent home labeled a traitor. That’s what happens to Captain Susan Branscombe when she returns from the harrowing ordeal of being a prisoner of war. In the second installment in the Confederacy Series, Susan must trust Alser Kiis, an Inarri alien that was discovered only months before, to examine her very mind. He does so, but in the process ends up unable to separate his feelings for Susan and his duty to find the truth to protect the world, perhaps a fatal mistake. Woven throughout with suspense, drama, steamy romance and incredible revelations that will please readers who have read the first installment in the Confederacy Series, The Naked Truth is a thrilling, dead sexy ride.

Lilly Cain describes herself as a “wild woman with a deep, throaty laugh and plunging necklines, and a great lover of all things sensual - perfume, chocolate, silk!” A single mother of three, her books encompass all that romance fans are looking for: dangerous situations, captivating heroes, strong and savvy heroines and an emotional undertone that gives readers both steam and excitement. “My stories are an escape and a release,” she says. “I love romance and the freedom erotic fantasy gives my imagination.”  The Naked Truth is one of her many novels, which include: Alien Revealed, Building Magic, Undercover Alliance, and Dark Harmony.

The Naked Truth
The Confederacy Treaty Book Two
Carina Press

Book Blurb

Captain Susan Branscombe was the victim of brutal torture at the hands of terrorists. Though rescued, she’s now facing an equally brutal accusation: treason.
The only way she can prove her innocence is to allow Asler Kiis, a Confederacy Examiner, to delve into the depths of her mind. Asler is Inarri, the alien race that made contact with Earth just months before. His duty is to find the truth, but when he explores Susan’s mind he can’t resist drawing her into a more intimate experience.
Susan takes comfort in Asler’s heated sensuality. Their erotic sensory exploration chases away the darkness and her body aches for more. But as their desire reaches new limits Susan finds it difficult to suppress the memories she is desperate to forget.
Is the passion they share enough to let Susan push aside her fear and trust Asler, not only with her mind and body but with her ever-opening heart?


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