Monday, June 25, 2012

Tour Intro and Giveaway Beauty's Enchanted Beasts by Jessica Frost

Who is beautiful to someone can be a beast to someone else.

Even if I am an extremely shy, quiet geek who loves to hide behind her long bangs, in the virtual world I am an extrovert and a loud mouth and love to meet new writers, bloggers and readers alike.

I am excited to share with you via this book tour the first novella “Beauty’s Enchanted Beasts” in my series “Spells of Seduction” as well as a little bit of my eccentricity, my passions, my embarrassing phobias and quirks, and also future projects I’m working on.

What’s the story about? Hot and abundant sex, a feisty heroine who has a stubborn streak to her and who gives the heroes in the story headaches, and two sexy heroes who are complete opposites. One tends to put his foot in his mouth whenever he is angry or flustered and the other can make any woman swoon simply by looking at her and who can charm even the most untame of souls.

There’s mystery and suspense in the mix and several antagonists who will make you wonder what they have in store for the heroes and heroine in the story. Some will come to light in the story while others will remain abstract and as mysterious as they began. Only through future instalments in the series will you see them for whom they really are and just how dangerous they can be when they want.

There’s also an enigmatic and super sexy secondary character in the story that is my most favourite and most complicated character I ever created to date. He bewitched me the moment he was created and to tell you the truth, I still don’t know who he really is. As I continue to create the series, who he really is and how powerful he can become will slowly be revealed. I hope you will start this journey of my series and book as well as this tour with me, and continue to find out how they end. Which will be with a big bang, no doubt. J

A little bit about me:

I was born in Montreal, Quebec. I am of Italian decent and am trilingual. I was born a geek and a geek I’ll die. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. Give me chocolate, coffee, and a good book that I can crawl onto a comfy couch to read and I am a very happy camper. I am also extremely clumsy and I suggest you stay far away from me when carrying an extremely hot and full beverage cup. J

I write erotic fantasy ménage romance stories exclusively for Siren Publishing. When I’m not writing, I’m editing, reading, cooking, painting, or spilling something I accidentally bumped along the way.

But I promise you I will not spill anything in this bewitching book tour, except maybe spoilers of my books. J

Beauty’s Enchanted Beasts  
Spells of Seduction—Book 1

Erotic Historical Fantasy/Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves

Elizabeth Stuart thought she couldn’t hate the Duke of Norfolk any more than she did. After he wins her in a bet and she’s forced to live in his castle, she learns she was wrong. Penniless and distraught, she moves in, vowing to make him pay.

Richard Albert has loved Elizabeth for so long. When her father asks his help in protecting Elizabeth from the evil sorceress Pondora, he agrees wholeheartedly, not knowing Elizabeth’s father lied about why she’ll be staying with him. Now she thinks he’s evil incarnate.

George Albert’s not happy his brother brought Lady Elizabeth there. Considering the danger that lurks in Castle Norfolk’s dungeon, she’s no safer with them. But after seeing how much Richard loves her and realizing she’s the woman of George’s sexual dreams, whom he so desires, he changes his mind and plans on making every one of his erotic dreams come true.

Soon these three get caught in a web of deceit, sex, and love. Little do they know Pondora has figured a way past the castle’s enchantment and intends on executing her deadly curse.

About the Author:

Jessica Frost has always had a passion for fiction and the written word. Add to that her wild, vivid imagination and her pure romantic tendencies and she soon realized she had the traits needed to become a romance author. She decided to take the very big first step not that long ago and wrote her first erotic romance story. And she has not looked back since. Being a romance writer is a dream come true for her. Having the opportunity to create fantasy worlds where anything and everything can happen is an amazing feeling. She hopes these worlds and the delightful characters she creates will bring hours of enjoyment to her readers as they have done for her.

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Bboo04 said...

Thanks for the giveaway! Love the blog! :)

Debby said...

Thanks so much for the chance to win.
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Bethie said...

Thanks for the giveaway. This one looks HOT!

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elaing8 said...

Sounds like a great book. Nice cover too.Thanks for the giveaway.

Jessica Frost said...

Thanks, Roxanne, for doing such a great job with this book tour. I really appreciate it. :)

Bboo04, Debby, Bethie, and Elaing8, thanks. I love the cover too. Les Byerley created it.:)

June M. said...

Thanks so much for introducing me to another author. This book sounds great and I love that Ms Frost writes series, they are my faves.
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

Anne said...

Congratulations on your new novella and series.

Chocolate, a good book and a comfy place to read sounds like the perfect afternoon to me (subbing Diet Coke for coffee).

Jessica Frost said...

Hi June
Thanks for taking the time to check out the post and I'm glad you love reading series books. I've always been a huge fan of them, too. :)

Hi Anne,
Thank you, that is very kind of you.
That is cool we have that in common. Caffeine (even in diet Coke) and chocolate go well together. :)

Mel Bourn said...

I love coming by! Always something good!
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Jessica Frost said...

Thanks, Melissa. It's nice to meet you. :)

bn100 said...

Nice post. The book sounds good.