Monday, September 24, 2012

Vampire Costumes from

The Vampire Ball is a month away and I'm not 100% sure what I'm wearing yet.

I was hoping to mix it up a bit this year but I'm not sure yet. 

I don't exactly know how different I want to go or what I want to do. 

My husband wanted to do vampire Santa. I said no. Mainly because I don;t want to be vampire Mrs Claus. LOL

I have been looking at They have a great selection of 2012 Halloween costume ideas including some very awesome vampire costume ideas

And right now they have free shipping for orders over $50 use code FREE50 and they have flat rate $4.99 shipping for any order

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Have you got your Halloween Costumes yet?

So here are the costumes I am considering right now

This Lady of the Manor has a nice Victorian look to it, which I love. I adore the Victorian styles, though I would much rather the skirt part be big and poofy not tight and form fitting. After all Victorian era dresses are known for bustles. Not skin tight skirts. The little bustle this has just isn't enough for me.

  • Lady of the Manor Adult Costume includes dress, jacket 
    with attached bustle, cravat with cameo pendant and headpiece with cameo. 

  • Mysterious Mistress Adult Costume features a slong-sleeved crush velvet knit gown with center front shirring, attached necklae and spider web shimmer knit chiffon trim along the cuff and hemline. 

    This Mysterious Mistress is nice too- very Morticia Addams which is my style too. I've always loved the Morticia look. Though I don't think I'm thin enough to pull it off anymore. Once upon a time...

    Speaking of- has  Plus Size Halloween costumes  too.

    Halloween Costumes 2012
    Renaissance Queen Plus Size Costume

    I like this Ren Queen above and the Tavern wench below too. I love the Ren/Medieval looks.

    Maybe I could be a Ren era vampire? I could even save the costume and wear it to the Ren Faire.

    I don't know

    What do you think?

    Which costumes do you like?

    Halloween Costumes 2012
    Tavern Wench Plus Size Costume

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    Juli D. Revezzo said...

    I like the Tavern Wench costume myself, although that first one is nice, bustle not withstanding. Herm...some good choices there. It's going to be tough to decide. :)