Sunday, October 7, 2012

Halloween Costumes Over the Years

I love Halloween. It is my favorite holiday. It reminds of me my childhood and a lot of happy memories. 

Plus I love all things creepy, spooky, witchy and fun so Halloween and I fit perfectly together.

Lately I've been thinking about Halloweens past and costumes I've had over the years.

I have a few favorite Halloween costumes and a few that were memorable because they were bad.

I can remember one of my first costumes- Wonder Woman. It was one of those awful plastic/vinyl costumes with the cheap plastic masks. You know those horrible costumes that ripped and fell apart before you were done trick or treating. If you were a kid trick or treating in the late 70s early 80s you know what I'm talking about. They were ugly, hot and scary.

Today's costumes are much better and sexier. A lot sexier. Have you seen the wide variety of sexy adult costumes available?

Pure Costumes has Wonder Woman costumes. This one is very nice. Of course not for a child. 

It is the The Justice League Wonder Woman Adult Costume and includes headband, cape, leotard, belt, lasso, bracelets and boot tops. 

I remember after that Wonder Woman debacle (and me crying because it fell apart) my mother made my costumes for the next several years.

For like three years in a row I was a ghost. The costume kind of looked like this Classic Ghost costume for kids. She made it from a sheet and pillowcase. I loved it.

I can remember using some of my mom's old clothes and buying a cheap felt witch hat and being a witch for several years too.

The effect was nothing compared to the costumes available today. 

Like this . I would have loved something sexy like this. 

By the time I was a teen commercially available costumes had become a little better. One year I was pirate wench. It was a little sexy. I would have preferred something more like this wench  which is brand new for 2012.

My senior year my mom made a belly dancer costume for me. Similar to this one though mine was red and gold.

In college I could not find the vampire costume I wanted so I designed it and had a woman sew it for me.

Halloween costumes have come along way over the past couple decades.

There are so many new Halloween Costume ideas for 2012

And where costumes used to focus on children now there are tons of adult costumes for Halloween available. 

You can be anything you want- scary, sexy, funny, naughty...
and has them.

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