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The Allure of the Lycan: Tour Stop and Giveaway for Lycan Unleased by Tiffany Allee

The Allure of the Lycan

The hero of Lycan Unleashed is—you guessed it—a lycan. Mason Sanderson is also an agent in the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency (OWEA). The OWEA is similar to the real world FBI, except that they deal with non-human cases. The otherworlders of this world are out in the open, and are policed similarly to normal human.

I’m a huge fan of lycans and werewolves. Some of my favorite books and movies feature them, and while I’m also a huge fan of vampires and other supernatural creatures, lycans will always hold a special allure for me.

I’m particularly fond of the werewolves in Patricia Brigg’s Mercy Thompson and Alpha and Omega series, as well as the smexy one in Underworld. One of the main characters in the television show Grimm is a werewolf (although his technical name is something different), and I think he’s one of the most fascinating characters. And I can’t forget Alicide from Charlaine Harris’s books. To be totally honest, I love that character twice as much when I get to watch Joe Manganiello play him. ;-)

A few reasons I think they’re so attractive to many of us:


Lycans have that edge of the wild, a glimmer of their beast inside that peeks through. They are men, but the beast within is many times barely contained. Something is infinitely attractive about a barely controlled wild nature beneath the smoother human exterior. In fiction, anyway, haha.


Lycans always strike me as a loyal group, and I find that very attractive. Many times a presented as a pack animal, they do what needs to be done to protect their packs, sometimes even laying down their lives. What woman wouldn’t want a man who, after he is committed, would give his life to protect her?


Lycans are tough. And despite how evolved I like to think I am, a good show of strength always gets my blood pumping. Nothing like a man who can toss my enemies across the room to defend me—if, you know, I had enemies ornery enough to deserve a tossing.

Wolves are Adorable

Yeah, I said it. Wolves are flipping cute. Granted, not all werewolves and lycans are presented as particularly cute and fuzzy in their changed forms, but it had to be mentioned. :-)

What kind of paranormal creatures do you like? 

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From the Files of the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency  
Book Three 
by Tiffany Allee

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: 162 pages
Release Date: January 2013
ISBN: 978-1-62266-993-6
Imprint: Ever After

Detective Astrid Holmes is a sensitive, a human capable of feeling the energy of otherworlders. When she is dispatched to the horrific murder scene of a local vampire, she expects it to be just another day on the job. But when evidence is stolen on her watch, she is removed—not only from the investigation, but from her job as a member of the Chicago police department’s paranormal unit.

Astrid’s only hope of reinstatement lies with her ex co-worker and almost-lover, lycan Mason Sanderson. But convincing the OWEA agent to let her assist with the investigation isn’t nearly as difficult as staying alive when the murderer realizes that Astrid may hold the key to unlocking his identity.

Fighting to take down a killer could have deadly consequences for Astrid and Mason, but working together puts their already fragile relationship in jeopardy.

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I love this series...Hoping for the new one soon!

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Nice covers


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I enjoy Lycans so much. I hope to read this one.
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Anne said...

I enjoy paranormal series with a bit of suspense and (hot) law enforcement type heroes.