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Rattleman by George D Shuman

I was born on a cattle farm in the Allegheny Mountains of southwest Pennsylvania. They are craggy mountains, rich with early heritage and countless veins of Bituminous Coal.  They are home to the steel mills that built the nation’s great cities. Mills that in my teens had already begun to fail.

At nineteen and out of work I drove to Washington DC, still blackened, the buildings scorched from the race riots of 1968. Congress ordered the immediate expansion of the police force and for the next twenty years I would work in and around the Capital Beltway. Law enforcement is highly diverse in the District of Columbia. I spent years as an undercover narcotic detective working with federal task forces at DEA and ATF, twice promoted I became the commander of classroom training at the Metropolitan Police Academy and later branch commander in the Public Integrity Unit that investigated D.C. Government corruption.

Meanwhile I was writing and finally completed a novel. Rattleman. The book before you now.
Rattleman to my delight actually received some serious attention. It was ultimately declined, but only after deliberation by two of the publishing giants and it landed a Manhattan literary Agent. Who told me to keep writing.

But by then I had entered a decade long career in the resort and marina industry, culminating in my promotion to an executive position for a luxury resort consortium on the island of Nantucket. In 2002 I returned to the mainland and received a board certification in Industrial Security, joined the International Association of Professional Security Consultants and worked privately until the winter of 2004 when Simon and Schuster purchased my second novel, 18 SECONDS. This book was nominated for both a Shamus and International Thriller Writers Association award. It is in print in twenty-two languages in twenty-three countries.

I am certainly most often asked if I am a former cop who writes books or if I knew I wanted to be a writer before I became a cop? In truth, neither had occurred to me. The proposition of writing commercially was far outside anything I then thought possible. I didn’t think very large when I was young. I always assumed I was limited by what others told me. In retrospect I didn’t know much about myself at all.

I know now that I the writer inside of us—any of us—always comes first. There can be no other way. I won’t presume to tell you that I know anything about writing for I don’t. I could never come closer to describing what I do than to suggest it is like songwriting to one who can’t read music.

I love the process of crafting sentences and I love the imagination. It must be seriously funny watching me—hopefully not just me—at work; contorted face, clenched fists, swiping arms, gritting teeth.  And then when it’s all over, I am as surprised by the adventure as the reader must surely be.

RATTLEMAN (Kindle only, soon to be released in print) is my fifth published novel. My sixth another Sherry Moore thriller (yet untitled) is being edited as we speak. This novel will be released in May and God willing, I will complete my current project, for yet a third release by late August.

Thank you for inviting me into your home and world. It is always a pleasure and a compliment and an honor I hold dear.

George D Shuman

George D Shuman

From George D. Shuman who served twenty years with the Metropolitan Police Department, Washington DC, and whose international bestseller, '18 Seconds', is currently in production as a major Hollywood motion picture. 

Better still, 'Rattleman' is George D. Shuman's most gripping crime thriller yet.

The Rattleman knows every crevice, every creek, every cave, every ravine, every inch of his remote hunting grounds in the Appalachian Mountains.

He is a determined serial killer, always waiting for his next victim to cross his path.

When Park Ranger Jane Cameron literally stumbles across the remains of two of his victims, she discovers that she too has been caught in his trap.

And when the 'Rattleman's prey is at his mercy, she’s dead.

About George D. Shuman

George Shuman is the international bestselling author of the Sherry Moore series about a blind woman who can see 18 seconds from a dead person's life, using her innate ability to track down their killers.

George's first four Sherry Moore books are published by Simon & Schuster. '!8 Seconds' is currently in production for a major Hollywood motion picture.

'Rattleman' is the first of George's books to be published by Taylor Street. It too will be a major Hollywood motion picture.

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