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Fire Nectar Tour: Vampire Daniella’s Music Playlist

Daniella has eclectic tastes -­‐ alternative, classic rock, indie, and some metal. When you’ve lived two hundred years, you learn to use music to alter or express your moods.

Since I’ve known her, I’ve learned she’s the more emotional of the vampires… the more impulsive, the more prone to intense highs and cavernous lows.

And she’s got amazing taste in tunes. 


The Editors – Even And End Has a Start 

Mudvayne (K)now F(orever) Goldfrapp – Alive

Lamb – Gorecki

Florence And The Machine – Shake It Out 

Lykke Li – Tonight

Jessie J – Who You Are 

Robert Skoro – In Line 

Slip Knot – Duality

Dune – Who Wants To Live Forever 

Sigur Ros – Staralfur

Led Zepplin – Whole Lotta Love 

Jeff Buckley  -­‐ Hallelujah    

ACDC – Live Wire

Black Keys – Too Afraid To Love You 

David Bowie – Rebel Rebel

Elbow – Grounds for Divorce

Fire Nectar
F.M. Hopkins


What would you do if you'd been alive for two hundred years and you finally found your true love... only, he's human.
When Daniella meets Adrian, she is gripped by passion and fate. Can she trust him with her secret, that she is immortal? 

Through heart-wrenching flashbacks to the year 1812 - when she was still innocently human - we learn who Daniella is, and we understand what it's really like... to be a vampire. 

When he looked at her for the first time, his heart skipped.  She could hear it.  

"Well, hello," he said. Their eyes held, a thousand thoughts passing between them. 

Anj and Stewart just watched. This was better than the fire show...

"What can I do for you?" the bartender asked. 

"So much..." Dani answered with a smile. 

An intelligent, sexy, page-turning saga - from the vampire's point of view.

** This is the first book in the Fire Nectar Saga. It will torment you, seduce you... and leave you wanting more.  All books, FIRE NECTAR, JOSHUA and soon, WILLIAM, contain characters from the other books, and all can be read in any order. **

Praise for F.M. Hopkins Juicy Vampire Novel FIRE NECTAR

A true page turner that kicks you 
when you least expect it.   - PSW Esq - Amazon Reader

Though I'm sure it will draw many parallels 
to the Twilight and Hunger Games series, 
"Fire Nectar" is far more mature... Ian D Malcolm 
- Amazon Reader

Smart, Sassy, Gripping - 
you can see yourself in the book... Ann Teixiera 
- Amazon Reader

I literally couldn't put it down  - Michelle M Kirk - Amazon Reader

Fire Nectar
F.M. Hopkins

"You're a beautiful woman with a beautiful smile, and a voice that makes me forget that ring... don't doubt me. So let's stop talking and get to business before I steal you from him. We don't want that, do we?" 

He beckoned her to lean in as he reached forward to move a stray hair from her forehead. Her knees weakened, to the extreme.

"No... we don't want that," she said half-heartedly, typing into the computer to distract her quickening heart.

Book Description*

We journey with through past (1812) and present (2012) with JOSHUA - gifted composer, skillful lover... vampire.

(this is a delicious novelette, perfect for reading anywhere, anytime.)

** There are two books out for Fire Nectar. FIRE NECTAR and JOSHUA, and can be read in any order. All contain characters from the previous books, including the soon-to-be-released WILLIAM.**

About the Author

F.M. Hopkins grew up with vampire dreams haunting her.  As she evolved, so did the dreams, and a fiction series was born.  "This first book in the series is about one female vampire's journey toward love and self-discovery, the struggle of becoming okay being who you are and no longer being defined by your past. I can relate to her in that I've tried to control what cannot be controlled in my life. Sometimes we have to fall face first, skidding on asphalt, then heal, before we can find happiness. In other words, it's a good time," F.M. Hopkins says with an ironic grin."

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