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Meet the characters from Primani!

Meet the characters from Primani! 

Name: Mica Thomas
Job: Human, Ops Specialist, Empath
Maker: Biologically, her human parents, but her powers come from Sean and Killian
Key Skills: Observation, Marksmanship, Krav Maga
Psychic Powers: Remote Viewing, Telekinesis, Mindreading, Healing, Intuition, Precognition
Weapons: Sig Sauer P229, Bowie Knife, Silver Primani Blade
Weaknesses: Primani with attitude
Background: Irish/German
Favorite Accessory: Heart-Shaped Locket

Name: Sean O’Cahan
Job: Primani, Tactical Expert
Maker: Raphael
Key Skills: Hand-to-Hand Combat, Explosives, Martial Arts
Primani Powers: Controlling Behavior, Adjusting memories, Teleporting, Ghosting, Mindreading
Weapons: Silver Primani Blade, 10-inch Military Knife, Sig Sauer P250, H&K 417 Rifle
Weaknesses: Pride, Camaros, Mica
Background: Irish Druid/German Celt
Favorite Accessory: Combat Boots

Name: Killian Leahy
Job: Primani, New England Special Ops Div Commander
Maker: Raphael
Key Skills: Interrogation, Mission Planning
Primani Powers: Teleporting, Ghosting, Mindreading, Adjusting Memories
Bloodline Powers: Controls Natural Elements, Bends Astral Planes, Communicates with Ancient Gods, Master of Sgaine Dutre and Sgaine Eiron
Weapons: Sgaine Dutre and Sgaine Eiron, Sig Sauer P250 .40 Caliber, Silver Primani Blade
Weaknesses: What the hell is a ‘weakness?’
Background: Irish (Bronze Age)
Favorite Accessory: Faded Concert T-Shirts

Name: Declan Manning
Job: Primani, Demolitions Expert
Maker: Raphael
Key Skills: Explosives, Marksmanship
Primani Powers: Altering Moods, Healing, Influencing Behavior, Ghosting, Teleporting
Weapons: Silver Primani Blade, 8-inch Military Knife, H&K 417 Rifle, Glock 37
Weaknesses: Surfable Waves, Crying Women, Chili
Background:  Irish Celt
Favorite Accessory: Black Oakleys

Name: Dani Taylor
Job: Human
Maker: Sara Taylor and an unknown hot guy from the 70s
Key Skills: Getting What She Wants
Weapons: Killer Dimples
Weaknesses:  Being Mica’s Best Friend
Background: Danish/Irish
Favorite Accessory: Aric


Book One
Laurie Olerich

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1492124849

Number of pages: 432
Word Count: 99,582

Cover Artist: Angela Bauer

Book Description:

Mica Thomas is Sean O'Cahan's worst nightmare. Part angel, all Primani, he's a ruthless protector with unusual talents. Jaded by the weakness of humans, he takes a hands-off approach to his charges. His job's to protect her. That's all. But Mica's got other ideas. He's strong, but she's stronger. Will his one moment of weakness destroy them both?

Mica doesn’t believe in quaint notions of fate and destiny. She’s a live-in-the-moment kind of girl until she’s attacked and left for dead. When Sean and his friends appear out of thin air to rescue her, Mica knows there’s more to them than they’re saying. Secrets and lies pile up but she can’t walk away from him.

As the clock ticks, Mica is drawn deeper into the Primani world until there’s no way out.

Tick-tock. Time is running out. What happens when it does?

About the Author:

Laurie Olerich is the author of the new Primani series. Part urban fantasy, part romance, part paranormal...Three things she can’t live without! Laurie spent most of her life in the Northeastern United States and in Western Europe. She now lives in San Antonio, Texas, with her son and Dalmatian duo, Domino and Rambo.  Desperate to escape the heat, she lives vicariously through Mica and her Primani by setting their adventures in the mountain coolness of New England and the rainy days of London. Before throwing caution to the wind and diving into a writing career, Laurie dedicated 20 years to her country by serving in the United States Air Force. Much of her time was spent around men with guns and cool toys...this explains her obsession with both.