Friday, November 29, 2013

Bewitching Book Tours Magazine Accepting Submissions for 2014 Issues

I use Grammarly's grammar check because publishing before proper edits have been done is like cooking without enough seasoning...the end result may be okay but it could have been fabulous.

Grammarly may be my new best friend. It can find up to 10 times more mistakes than your average spelling and grammar check. Plus it can give vocabulary suggestions. Not only that you can run it through a system to check text against over 8 billion web pages. Yes this site may quickly become an author's must have tool.

Submit to Bewitching Book Tours Magazine

New for 2014- Announcements and Calls for Submissions

We are going to have new sections in the monthly magazine- announcements and calls for submissions.

Do you have a new release? A Kindle Free Promotion? Send us your news and we'll publish it in the announcements. 

Publishers- do you have a new call for submissions? Send us your romance, erotica, urban fantasy, fantasy and horror calls for submissions and we'll print them

The magazine publishes on the 15th of each month so the news will have to be time frame appropriate. for instance January's issue will go live on January 15th, the news should fit into the time frame of Jan 15- Feb 15.

For every issue we accept:

Author Interviews

Featured Excerpts

Articles- topics include author/writing advice, advice for book bloggers, how writer’s do research, paranormal, vampires, publishing advice, and more

Flash Fiction- paranormal, urban fantasy and erotica (for other genres please query)

True tales of paranormal encounters



Book reviews


Jewelry designs and creations- features or tutorials

Craft Tutorials

Cover model and photographer features for the Pin Up Files

Erotic flash fiction and poetry for the Naughty Nook

Please send submissions to place “Bewitching Magazine Submission” in subject line

Contributors of flash fiction, articles, features and/or poetry will receive free ¼ or ½ page advertising in Bewitching Book Tours Magazine and two months of free sidebar ad space at Fang-tastic Books .

Parts of this post are a paid sponsorship by Grammarly

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