Tuesday, December 17, 2013

To Kiss a Werewolf by Molly Snow: 5 Reasons Why I Prefer Werewolves to Vampires

1.     Hot-blooded. You know that scene when Jacob is in the tent with Bella, and he jokes to Edward about how much hotter he is. I think we all got the double meaning to that ;) Yes, I was “team Jacob.” What would you rather cuddle up to? A frozen popsicle or a warm blanket?

2.     Muscle. Now, I’ve never been the type to be into super muscular guys, but there’s something about muscle on a male lead in a romance that is oh-so nice. They look better in plain white tees, for instance… which is a major plus.

3.     Tan skin. Who’s ever heard of a white vampire with a tan? That’s right—I haven’t, and neither have you. Enough said. It was very important that Damien in To Kiss a Werewolf could sport a tan, especially since he likes to surf.

4.     Sporty. There’s a reason those Teen Wolf movies from the 80s had werewolves that played sports. It’s believable. Can you imagine a vampire on a varsity team? (Okay, okay, I guess you might imagine Emmett, but that’s the exception rather than the rule.)

5.     They can fall asleep. I’d rather have a guy who would hold me in their arms all night, rather than stand at the foot of my bed watching me sleep all night :) Who’s with me??

And that’s it. What do you prefer, and why? Do you agree or disagree with anything I said?

To Kiss a Werewolf
Molly Snow

Genre: YA Paranormal Romantic Comedy

Book Description:

As president of Paranormal Addicts Anonymous, Stella’s got no time for popular guys. Especially the surfers who hang at Shoreline’s beach—they think flashing a sand-sprinkled, tanned chest is enough to get any girl. But when surfer-hunk Damien Capernalli crashes Stella’s PAA fieldtrip to a haunted bed and breakfast, it may be time to rethink her priorities.

...And what’s with that wolfish gleam in Damien's eye?

About the Author:

Molly Snow is a Top 10 Idaho Fiction Author, awarded by The Idaho Book Extravaganza. Her works include quirky teen romances BeSwitched and Fallen Angel. Also a speaker on writing, her school assemblies have been featured in The Contra Costa Times and The Brentwood Press. Snow is married to her high school crush, has a set of silly twin boys and a bobtail cat named Meow-Meow. Molly Snow also co-writes mysteries under her pseudonym Claire Kane.

Twitter: molly_snow

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