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Character Interview with Caeles Novo from the Leadership and Redemption Series by Michael Cantwell

So what have you been doing lately, Caeles?

I still wander around stealing souls. But I no longer sit on the High Council. My wife Kalani is pregnant with our second child, so I am trying to stay close to home.

Do you enjoy removing souls?

No. I hate it. I wish the day would come when everyone could see the beauty in this world and I was forced to retire. Nothing would please me more.

Why did you fight so hard to return souls?

Everyone deserves a second chance, don’t they? I have only met a handful of people who I can say are pure evil. Everyone wants to justify why they get off course. They all have a reason. I never considered myself the world’s judge and jury. I’ll leave that to a higher authority.

Do you think being a father for a second time will change you?

I don’t know about me, but it has changed my wife. I think with our first child, Nicon, Kalani wasn’t ready to be a mother. She was still determined to be the world’s best soul stealer. I think her priorities have changed. She is embracing motherhood more this time. Me, I just do the chores around the house and hope I get a hot meal now and again.

Do you have a favorite song?

I love many styles of music. Of course I love the music from my good friend Dylan James and the Overture. I have signed copies of all their music at home. I like Billy Joel’s song, Summer Highland Falls, Dan Fogelberg’s, Part of the Plan and Too Much from the Dave Matthews Band.

Tell the truth, was there every anything between you and Rose?

I admit that I visit with Rose now and again. The good news is that she has resumed her life as Isabella and is working full time at the library. Doc Winfield was forced to find a new nurse. Isabella is working on her first novel about people who remove souls from others who no longer see the good in the world. Rose will always have a special place in my heart, but I have never been untrue to my wife. I know Kalani had her suspicions about me and Rose, but we were never more than good friends.

Lastly, how does one keep their soul? 

There is an old saying about doing the right thing while no one is watching. Someone is always watching. Do the right thing and do it with a smile.

Soul Intentions
Leadership and Redemption
Book One
Michael Cantwell, CCIM

Genre: Fiction, fantasy
Publisher: KSM Publishing

ISBN: 978-0615725741

Number of pages: 292
Word Count: 95,068

Book Description:

Caeles Novo has lost count at how many times he has taken a soul. He now fears his actions are not saving his existence, but damaging it. It is a painful transition when you question if your life has been a lie

Soul Directive
Leadership and Redemption
Book Two
Michael Cantwell, CCIM

Genre: Fiction, fantasy
Publisher: KSM Publishing

ISBN: 978-0615838359

Number of pages: 302
Word Count: 87,067

Book Description:

Caeles Novo continues his journey of seeking broken souls that he started in “Soul Intentions”. Caeles is now the leader of his disciples and must discover the mystery as to why so few soul stealers remain on earth. He learns the high cost of both leadership and success. Caeles is assigned to remove the soul of an internet blogger who is spreading false information for the President of the United States, a man who trains fighting dogs and others. He meets up with a Doctor about to cure cancer and a woman with multiple personalities. He does all this while attempting to lead his people and be a good husband and father.

Fortunate Soul
Leadership and Redemption
Book Three
Michael Cantwell, CCIM

Genre: Fiction, fantasy
Publisher: KSM Publishing

ISBN: 978-0615937380

Number of pages: 328
Word Count: 90,620

Book Description:

In this third installment, Caeles Novo has been removed as leader of the Council. He now seeks revenge for those who have taken away his power to remove souls and is on a journey to return his disciples back to their original mission.

About the Author:

Michael Cantwell, CCIM (1958-present) is an author and commercial real estate agent in Florida as well as a published photographer. He was born in Ft. Campbell KY, raised in Trenton, NJ, graduated college at LaSalle University in Philadelphia, PA. He now resides in Palm Beach County, Florida. He is married with three children and one dog. He loves music and is a Miami Marlins, Dolphins, Panthers and Heat fan. He also enjoys strolling Florida with his camera at hand. He has served on many board of directors and volunteered many hours as a coach for baseball and basketball as well as for Junior Achievement in many schools around South Florida.

Web –

Twitter - @ksmmike

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