Monday, August 18, 2014

Finding Inspiration with Claire Fullerton

I was recently asked the following question in an interview: “Where do you go to find inspiration?” The interviewer sited the habit of Charles Dickens, who would take to the streets of London every day in a five to six mile stroll while looking for source material, which left me with an appealing visual image. 

I liked the idea of this writer cruising the London streets, his eyes darting hither and yon as he tallied up random impressions.  

Because I wanted to answer the question to the best of my ability, I pondered it until it hit me: I don’t go anywhere; I simply live my life with my eyes open and allow myself to be influenced. Sometimes the most seemingly inconsequential things can affect me, and by this I mean strike an emotional cord. They typically happen in the blink of an eye, yet this doesn’t make them any the less meaningful. 

What I do is follow the cord once it’s struck and let the impression fully in so I can feel its repercussion. I think inspiration can’t be sought outside of us because it resides within every human being. And because it resides within, there are moments when inspiration is triggered. 

Once it is, I think it resonates in such a way that a writer feels compelled to put it into words. 

Therefore, it is not so much a question of "Where you go to find inspiration," it's more a question of “What do you do once you acknowledge you're inspired?”  

As for me, when inspiration is triggered, I grab a pen.

A Portal in Time
Claire Fullerton

Genre: Paranormal/Historical Romance

Publisher: Vinspire Publishing

Date of Publication: November 30, 2013


Number of pages: 192
Word Count: 50,000

Cover Artist: Elaina Lee/For the Muse Designs

Book Description:

When we are inexplicably drawn to love and a particular place, is it coincidence, or have we loved before?

Enigmatic and spirited Anna Lucera is gifted with an uncanny sixth-sense and is intrigued by all things mystical. When her green, cat-eyes and long, black hair capture the attention of a young lawyer named Kevin Townsend, a romance ensues which leads them to the hauntingly beautiful region of California's Carmel-By-The-Sea where Anna is intuitively drawn to the Madiera Hotel. Everything about the hotel and Carmel-By-The-Sea heightens her senses and speaks to Anna as if she had been there before.

As Anna's memory unravels the puzzle, she is drawn into a past that's eerily familiar and a life she just may have lived before.

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About the Author:

Claire Fullerton is the author of Paranormal/Historical Romance, “A Portal in Time.”  Her second novel, “Dancing to an Irish Reel,” set in Connemara, Ireland, will be published in March, 2015.  Claire is a contributor to numerous magazines as well as a multiple contributor to the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series. She is a multiple award winning essayist, a former major-market radio disc jockey, and an avid ballet dancer.  Claire hails from Memphis, Tennessee, and currently divides her time between Malibu and Carmel, California with her husband and two German shepherds!


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