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7 Grave Mistakes Women Make When Attempting to Transform Their Lives

 Grave Mistakes Women Make When Attempting to Transform Their Lives ~ by Bestselling Author &; African Oscar Winning Filmmaker, OF SENTIMENTAL VALUE~ Princess Fumi S. Hancock

ALERT: If you are a reader too, keep reading; this is for you too. Regardless of what career path you are on, you can always apply these principles to project you into purposeful living.


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Of Sentimental Value~ An Epic Event!

One Event Elects Who You Are;
One Event Molds Your Values and Beliefs;
One Event Charts the Course of Your Life…. Good, Bad, or Indifferent;
One Event Determines Your Destiny… For Life;
ONE EVENT Will Change Your Life.... FOREVER!
( )

Have you ever found yourself having an epiphany about your destiny? Has the thought ever crossed your mind… you know you are supposed to be doing something great… something that will contribute to man-kind. More importantly, something that will bring much satisfaction to your life. You really want to be content with your present life but you just know something is missing but you can’t quite place your finger on it. When you read a story about someone living their dream, you secretly say to yourself, that is what I should be doing. I have always wanted to write a book but somehow I have not been able to get around to it.

Do all sound familiar? If no, I congratulate you. If yes, you are not alone. Welcome to the club of the “wanna –bes”. I have been there. In fact, if you ask me, I have been the ringleader of the “wanna bes”!

From someone who started out as a Social Worker, then a Registered Nurse, I get it when life takes its toll on us to discourage us; when people around us constantly make us believe we are not capable of achieving; when we convince ourselves we are not worthy of success; when taking care of others disrupt our lives….

What then do we do to push and press through discouragement to achieve our goals? If you are anything like me, who have done everything else, outside of what I know in my heart I was made for~ writing; I get it! My life story~ from the Nursing Boardroom to finally writing a novel which was made into a feature film, Of Sentimental Value, to winning an African Oscar ( & Indiefest ( Merit Award …all came at a prize!

Keep reading my blog, checking my website etc. for when my next stop is… where I will be sharing more of my story ( ).

Back to you… my friend and comrade.  Having successfully achieved what I had always wanted to do 30 years ago, I believe I am qualified to help you reach your goal.

If you are an homemaker looking to write a novel, welcome to the clan; if you are a second career person like myself, wanting to pen down a love story~ I salute your brevity; if you are in the corporate world and now ready to push to your next level~ welcome aboard this float.  

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Are you ready? Here we go…

#1 Mistake: YOU HAVE STOPPED INVESTING IN YOURSELF AND IN YOUR DREAM! Many of us have stopped investing in our dreams. Education is key to succeeding and fully understanding your passion. And yes, sometimes, you will have to purchase something or pay to get that knowledge. If you are one of those who are constantly looking to be given handouts, if you are constantly thinking you will not or cannot pay to garner experience from someone who have done what you want to do; then you are doing yourself a grave injustice! Everyone who has been successful at some point has had to pick up a book, attend a seminar, visit an expert to help shape their life goals. You cannot continue to live in a bubble and expect your dream to catch up with you in your bubble. When you take the time to read an interview like you are reading mine now; anytime you choose to deprive yourself of that latte and save up so you can attend a workshop… you are investing in yourself! The knowledge you seek, someone already paid dearly to acquire and you investing in yourself and participating in events like that automatically pushes you to the top 10% of those who will truly be successful. Keep reading….Start by reading. For those who want to write novels, how can you be good at it when you won’t even care to read one?

#2 Mistake: Lack of FOCUS. The #1 killer of dreams is complete lack of focus. Women are built to be able to multitask, thank heavens while men are more of a tunnel vision.  While being able to multitask is a well-needed gift, it can also be a detriment and a crutch for us not to move forward. It doesn’t really matter how big your dream is or how small it may seem, if you do not take the time to map out your plan and then focus in on it, your dream will simply be that… A DREAM!
There is a famous saying: “That the grave yard is full of people who died with their dreams… books that was never written, poetry that was never shared, songs never written, movies never made and businesses never jumpstarted.” You and I have the power to writer our story or better yet re-write them if they have been awful. Remember also that the scars you get from those awful moment are the fabric of your life… they are what will make your stories stand out. Keep reading… Education is a cure to poverty! A poverty stricken mind will never care enough to focus on one thing. Focus on this article right now….

# 3 Mistake: GIVING UP TOO EASILY. I know with this, there are several people with diverse opinions. Some believe that after a while, you just need to quit and do something else. But very few think that regardless of all the “NO” they get, they will keep pushing. Here are examples of those who push through and are alive to tell their tale:

Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen~ The Chicken Soup Series ~ Manuscript was rejected by over 44 publishers but they were resilient; they invested in themselves and pushed forward. If they had quit at # 43 rejection, what would have happened?

Tyler Perry~ He invested his own “little change”, lost a lot of it! Could hardly get anyone to come attend his plays and 8 years into it, his breakthrough happened! The Oprah Factor! If he had quit in year 7, what would have become of him?

Myself~ The Feature film now being made, Of Sentimental Value ( is a 30 year journey! Of Sentimental Value’s premise is that One Event Can Change Your Life Forever! You have the power to choose which event in your life would turn things around for you or dig you further into chaos.

You reading this article is an epic event for you~ Change your world, One Event at at a time, regardless of what the Event might be~ It can always thrust you into success, IF YOU CHOOSE TO EMBRACE IT!

PRIZES! PRIZES! Did I SAY PRIZES GALORE? Keep reading to find out how you can be a part of this great celebration….

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PRIZES! PRIZES! Did I SAY PRIZES GALORE? Keep reading to find out how you can be a part of this great celebration….
Of Sentimental Value
Princess Fumi Hancock

Genre: Mystery / Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Princess in Suburbia

Date of Publication: July 17, 2014

ISBN-10: 0990584801
ISBN-13: 978-0990584803

Number of pages: 328
Word Count: 68, 183

Cover Artist: Phatpuppy Arts Studios

Book Description:

One event Elects Who You Are
One event  Molds Your Values and Beliefs;
One event  Charts the Course of Your Journey… Good, Bad or Indifferent;
One event Determines Your Destiny… For Life
One event  Will Change Your Life… Forever

Bestselling Author, Indiefest and African Oscar Award Winning Filmmaker, Host of an African Oscar nominated TV Talk show, An African Heritage Leadership Award recipient and a globally sought after transformation interventionist, Princess  Fumi Hancock  delivers an inspirational and intriguing romantic suspense story, yet laced in mystery and comedy. Of Sentimental Value, a titillating and jaw dropping adventure set between the deep rich forest of Africa and the southern flat plains of Nashville, Tennessee.

A Twenty-one year old, Young African Immigrant, SIBERIA TONKA has all the ingredients of a successful writer: Commitment, dedication, and drive to become famous. Until her dream of becoming the next bestselling media sensation in America is threatened by an inexplicable cosmic force! Buried and spiraling in unsurmountable debt and a string of misfortune hovering over her, she is forced to pawn her most valuable possession. But when told her sister’s life in Africa hangs in the balance and that would die if artifact is not returned back to the rightful owners, Siberia in desperation sets out to retrieve the artifact at any means necessary. A Mystery enigma is released and the stakes are high! The harder Siberia tries… the closer she seems yet the farther she was from solving the turmoil. 

Alas, in the midst of this chaos evolves an undeniably love triangle between Siberia, a wealthy rugged-looking African, but Nashville-based, art collector (Alan) and a simple American consignment store owner (Jake). 

Will Siberia retrieve the artifact in time to save her dying sister, Naiya? Who / what wins her heart? Money or True Love?

Book Available at Amazon

Book Trailer Produced by Cambium Break Pictures

Of Sentimental Value Motion Picture Scheduled to Release 2015 

Starring Malik Yoba, New York Undercover and Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married? and Tommy Tiny Lister, Deebo on Friday, 5th Element with Bruce Willis.

VIP Screenings and Private Book Launches in Los Angeles, California and Nashville, Tennessee


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Excerpt: Murky Haze

Spiraling through the murky haze is a stream of white smoke; Africa’s humid and gloomy weather punctuated the striking of an African “bata” drum; a sign of impending doom in this Never-never land called Oyo, set majestically in the flat plain fields of West Africa.
Wrapped in ruffled white sheets and face painted with pungent white chalk, distinct tribal marks from Oyo; she chuckles and giggles out loud, sometimes overpowering the African “bata” beats rippling the air. This enigma of a mystery woman’s deep tones carries with it an air of danger and magic. Her fiendish chuckles are exaggerated by her threatening mannerisms. She adds to the mystery in the air by thrusting out her spectacularly painted arms, holding a uniquely designed African clay pot filled with bubbling steaming water. The steam spiraling out of the magical pot is hypnotic. She begins to laugh again as the rhythmic African beat gently fades, instantly replaced by an urgent tick-tock sound, intensifying the anxiety. Seeing my clandestine woman’s animated and daunting striking face, Yemoji becomes boisterous as she squints her overpowering eyes; eyeballs fiercely protruding, eliciting intense fear in those who behold the strange sight.

As the tick-tock sound gets louder, Yemoji abruptly clutches her magical pot to her bosom. Her arms stretch out with purpose, displaying her remarkably long claw-like nails. She beckons me closer. Yemoji welcomes hushes me into undeniably captivating presence, placing one finger to her sultry lips.

          “Sshh! Sshh!”

Suddenly, the tick-tock sound intensifies yet again as Yemoji’s thunderous and wickedly cold laughter reverberates into the atmosphere.
          “Did you hear me? I said.... Sshh! Sshh! Siberia! Si-be-ria!”

Wisdom Nugget from Siberia Tonka:

“A person who sows love reaps a harvest of good friends and family. It doesn’t really matter where we come from; we all have something of sentimental value. And this crazy chain of events has led me to my destiny….it has led me to fight for the people I love” ~Siberia

About the Author
Princess Fumi
Stephanie Hancock Ph.D.:

Bestselling Author,  NAFCA African Oscar People’s Choice Winner, Indiefest Films Merit Award Filmmaker, TV Host, Transformation Interventionist and Philanthropist are just a few accolades to describe this dynamic woman.

Born in the heart of Nigeria, Lagos State; Princess Fumi Hancock was raised to appreciate her royal roots from the South Western region of Nigeria, Emure Kingdom, where her family, the Adumori Nigeria Royal Household have ruled since the 1800s’.

After acquiring her first degree in English from one of the most prestigious colleges in Nigeria, Obafemi Awolowo University; she stormed the United States of America with a pen, a script and the dream to change the world. Little did she know that it would take her over thirty years to finally fulfill her dream of becoming a prolific writer and most importantly, one who would have the ability to translate her literary works into movies.

As an author, she has written several inspirational books for women, Beyond Idol Worship: A Diary of an African Warrior Princess; Starting Right Now to name a few! After writing these inspirational books and her return back to African after over 25 years absentia; she reaches out to help her community through her US based nonprofit organization, Adassa Adumori Foundation, Inc. (; she also decided to venture into the world of young adult fantasy. To her surprise, her very first young adult fantasy, The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell:  Hydra’s Nest became an amazon bestseller! There has been no stopping her since then. 

Her new novel, Of Sentimental Value, a mystery and suspense drama is yet another landmark for her. The book was made into a feature film which is scheduled for release soon ( ). In the advent of its release, it has garnered multiple award interest. It was nominated in the NAFCA African Oscar Peoples’ Choice category for Favorite Trailer and Original Score while the Princess took home the winning trophy as Favorite Screenwriter.  Since then, the movie itself has been nominated in the following categories: Best Diaspora Drama and Best Make-up. One of our supporting actors, Malik Yoba was also nominated as Actor in Foreign Film category.

Princess Fumi is one who truly believes that dreams do come true if we keep plugging away at it and never give up! Her very first crack at writing, she will never forget her professor at a college in New York telling her, “you need to quit! You are a horrible writer!” “I was devastated,” she said. But did not allow that to keep her down. With time, even the professor finally announced to the post graduate class that she was the best student he’d ever had. That screenplay, “The Royal Bird” ended up winning Best Screenplay of the year in 1988 in a New York festival. It was later auctioned to one of the largest television stations in Africa, Nigerian Television Authority (NTA).  The rest of her time today is spent presenting her new empowerment program, Your Vision Torch, an Innovator’s Prescription to Igniting Your Dreams and Harnessing Your Vision to leaders, business owners and women across Africa and the United States of America.  More details on how to bring her to your event:  

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