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Spotlight and Giveaway Mistress for Hire by Letty James

Mistress for Hire
Letty James

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

Date of Publication: October 15, 2014

ISBN: 978-1-61935-565-1

Number of pages: 172
Word Count: 50,000

Book Description:

Stranded in Paris, Nikki Sommers is desperate for a job, willing to sweep the floors of a local bakery. But Gérard Beauvais knows where Nikki needs to be – not in the bakery, but in his bed. Offering her a job as his personal assistant, Gérard introduces Nikki to the workings of international business, along with the romance and beauty of Paris.

Nikki falls under Gérard’s magnetic spell, only to get a nasty surprise when she discovers she is merely a pawn in an international scandal involving her own sister. Her heart is torn between family and a love she had only fantasized about.

Will she win Gérard’s heart or only be his Mistress for Hire?

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They continued along the river bank. She tripped over the cobblestones, despite her bare feet.
“Let me carry you,” he offered.
“No!” They walked silently across the street, their arms brushing, but they seemed miles apart. Nikki looked up and stopped short, Notre Dame Cathedral lit up before her.
He placed his hands on her shoulders, letting her absorb the magnificence of the church.
“It’s beautiful.” She stood awed by the Cathedral’s grand edifice.
“Come on. I’ll show you the gargoyles.”
The next thing she knew, they were ascending the ancient, worn steps of the tower as Gérard lit the way for her, a flashlight trained on her feet as he protectively climbed behind her.
“How did you get a key?”
“I make sizeable donations every year.”
She almost teased him about charity for favors, then thought better of it. She didn’t want to think about money, or business. To have him all alone in this grand place was a memory in the making. She wouldn’t open her big mouth and ruin it.
They crouched through a small door before exiting onto the walkway, the lights of the Cathedral’s square at their feet. She looked out and gasped at the famous gargoyles within touching distance.
 “Looks like me, oui?” Gérard mimicked a gargoyle’s protruding tongue making her laugh. He moved behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist, and they took in the city lights in silence, the Eiffel Tower a beacon in the distance.
She relaxed against his chest, feeling safe and content as he sheltered her from the brisk wind whipping her dress into froth around them both. The gargoyles loomed around them as if protecting them from the world and she wished life was as easy as this bit of fairy tale. She rubbed her hands over his as if to warm them, but really wanted to touch him, to distract herself from the tears welling in her eyes. Surely, it was the wind making them water.
She turned in his arms and brushed her lips against his cheek, loving the warm comfort of his skin against hers.
His face had returned to its brooding repose, so much more like the fierce gargoyles than the silly look he’d made earlier. He cupped her head in his hands, his thumbs moving over her eyebrows, her cheeks, her lips. She kissed the rough skin of his fingers, trying to elicit a smile, but instead received a kiss so gentle in return it was as if Gérard’s stony exterior had been blown into granite dust.
He brushed aside the whipping tendrils of her hair. “The world disappears when I’m with you.” His gaze met hers and she felt a bond grow like timeless ivy around an oak. He lifted her in a bear hug as her heart expanded with love. She wrapped her arms around him and met his sweet kiss, which turned into something more as their mouths opened to explore, duel, possess. Their kisses turned frenzied as gentleness became want, then need. His hands roamed her body, pushing her against the corner of the balustrade, his arousal as hard as the stone behind her. No longer the gentle giant, this was the man she recognized—the aggressor, the conqueror.

About the Author:

Letty James has been devouring romance novels ever since she hid under the covers reading Sweet Savage Love by Rosemary Rogers. And, yes, searching for all the sexy parts. She completed her first novel participating in National Novel Writing Month in 2005 and has been writing furiously ever since, fueled by chocolate and multiple cups of tea.

Along with writing, she enjoys reading, painting, watching movies featuring studly men, and listening in on other people’s conversations.

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