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A Review of Fair Game by Patricia Briggs

Fair Game (Alpha & Omega, #3)Fair Game by Patricia Briggs

Alpha and Omega, Book 3

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I came late to the game for the Mercy Thompson series, but that's OK because I love immersing myself in a series and being able to read the books back to back. Which I did, from Moon Called to Night Broken, I got to read them back to back.

Then I read the anthology Shifting Shadows which is a collection of shorts from the Mercy Thompson world, and I found Alpha and Omega the story of Charles and Anna's meeting. Instantly I knew I had to read the Alpha and Omega series as well.

I love this series. Absolutely love it.

If you've read the Mercy books you'll find many familiar characters in these- Bran, Charles, Samuel, Asil...and you'll get a much more in depth look at these characters because not only do we learn more about them the stories also feature some of their POV's where in the Mercy books we only get hers.

It coincides with the Mercy Thompson series and we get to see a lot of things that are on the sidelines in Mercy's series. The Mercy series we only get to know what she knows and she's left in the dark about many things because she's not on the frontline with Bran who has ties to everything.

We learn more about the wolves coming out and why the Fae went against the grain and rebelled against humans, which is a big mystery in the Mercy books.

You really need to read both series to get "the whole picture" of this world.

In Fair Game Charles and Anna are tracking a serial killer. Charles is battling his own ghosts and his conscience about being a soldier, a killer, the hand of justice for the wolves. The ghosts of all those he's killed haunt him and leave him distracted, which puts a target on his mate's back. The serial killer decides Anna will make a perfect victim.

Fast paced and excellently written, Briggs pulls you into her world and makes you never want to leave. Action, adventure, mystery, love and romance. Briggs seamlessly weaves all these elements together creating the perfect books for urban fantasy and paranormal romance lovers.

I can't wait to dive into the book in this series, Dead Heat.

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