Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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Geek, And Proud!

I never wanted to admit it at the time, but growing up I was one of the geeks. I was definitely into geeky things. I played the flute in the marching band. Star Wars was my favorite movie (and yes I read all the books). I always had my nose in a book and a pen to paper. An introvert, I was uncomfortable at parties. And I was very much a goody-goody.

My geeky ways didn’t stop in high school. I believe one of my first college roommates even told me I was weird. Now…this girl had never seen Star Wars. I am part of the generation that grew up on those movies, so in my estimation she was the weird one. However, at the time her comment made me feel like the outsider.

Now, blah-blah-blah years later (no I’m not sharing how many), I’ve come to fly my geeky flag with pride. I don’t think any one thing has changed to get me to that point. Part of my pride is that I’m older and don’t give a flying pig what others think anymore. Part is that I’ve realized my enjoyment of something isn’t remotely dependent on someone else understanding that enjoyment. Part is finding that, as you get older, being a geek becomes a good thing and you find other geeks who share similar enjoyment. It’s like we all come out of hiding. Although that might be because my day job is with Intel and my night job is writing. Loads of geeks to be found in both those occupations!

So, for fun, here’s what I geek out about: Star Wars, reading romance, Game of Thrones, reading paranormal romance, The Walking Dead, spreadsheets, House of Cards, checklists/to do lists, The Black List, swing dancing, Supernatural, classic movies (I mean really classic – not 1990), Buffy & Angel, a well-organized space, Pacific Rim, anything involving superheroes, good documentation, writing books, discussing books & movies, reading about and studying history, high tea, Estes Park Colorado, anything Disney, birds of prey, dragons, shifters, vamps, fairies... I could keep going, but that that’s enough to give you a good idea.

See anything you have in common with me? Join me in owning your geekdom! I’d love to hear what you geek out about!

Andromeda’s Fall
Shadowcat Nation
Book 1
Abigail Owen

Genre: paranormal romance

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Date of Publication: 12/10/14

ISBN: 978-1-62830-661-3

Number of pages: 258
Word Count: 61,300

Cover Artist: Debbie Taylor

Book Description:

Andromeda Reynolds is being hunted. After witnessing her mother’s violent death at the hands of a pack of wolf shifters, Andie has devoted her life to protecting her community of cougar shifters from a similar fate. But now, a greater threat lies within her own dare, and she must run. If she stays, Kyle Carstairs will force their mating, seeking the added political power their union would provide.

Andie would rather chew off her own foot than end up with Kyle. Though, knowing him, she won’t live long either way. Andie’s only hope of survival is to mate Jaxon Keller, the Alpha of the Keller Dare with which she is seeking asylum. But before she can get to him, Andie must first go through A.J., one of the Alpha’s Protectors.

What Andie doesn’t realize is that A.J. has secrets of his own. All Andie knows is that the incredibly frustrating shifter insists on challenging her story, her skills, her trust… and her heart.

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He glanced down at her. “You really are a tiny thing, aren’t you?”
Andie scowled. “Don’t let my size fool you. I can pack a wallop when I want to. Even with a broken arm.”
A.J. laughed. “I’m sure you can.”
Andie stared straight ahead, her mouth thinning. She hated being patronized. Men were so dense sometimes. They never took her seriously until she showed them exactly why they should.
Keeping her left arm protected, Andie suddenly dropped. One leg shot out and she spun low to the ground, sweeping A.J.’s feet out from under him. As he landed on his back, she was on top of him, her knee on his windpipe—not crushing, just sending a message.
Before she could gloat too much, though, she was flying through the air. Andie tucked into a back flip, landed on her feet, and then spun and launched herself backwards in a one-handed back handspring. A.J. had just gotten on his feet when her legs wrapped around his neck. She used her momentum to drop him back to the floor.
Andie rolled and ended up in a crouch close by. A.J. held up his hands in surrender. “All right, wildcat. You’ve proved yourself.”
Andie glared at him. “Don’t doubt me. And don’t insult my intelligence by pretending you just lost either,” she said in a severe voice, made harsher, perhaps, by the fact that she’d just realized exactly how incredible his blue eyes were. They were a vibrant color made even more interesting by the black ring that rimmed the irises. And she was more than irritated with herself for having noticed that at all.
He levered himself up off the floor. “Fair enough.”
The only thing that kept her from proving her point more—because she could tell he’d held back—was the small amount of respect she could see in his eyes. With a brusque nod, she followed him down the hall.

About the Author:

Award-winning paranormal and contemporary romance author, Abigail Owen was born in Greeley, Colorado, and raised in Austin, Texas. She now resides in Northern California with her husband and two adorable children who are the center of her universe.

Abigail grew up consuming books and exploring the world through her writing. A fourth generation graduate of Texas A&M University, she attempted to find a practical career related to her favorite pastime by earning a degree in English Rhetoric (Technical Writing). However, she swiftly discovered that writing without imagination is not nearly as fun as writing with it.


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Mark R Hunter said...

Geeks are awesome. I can't think of a better way to put it. I haven't had a chance to check out Game of Thrones, though.

Abigail Owen said...


If you geek out on just about anything I mentioned, then you'll love Game of Thrones. Great story lines, great world building, no one is safe, great acting, it's awesome. :)


Abigail Owen said...

Thanks for hosting me Roxanne!!!

Ashantay said...

Waving like a geek, here. Classic movies, organized spaces (Adrian Monk is my hero), writing, reading (a book a day keeps reality away), and yes, spreadsheets. Oh, and in my spare time, I volunteer shelving books at the library because, you know, that organized thing. Enjoyed your excerpt and wishing you all the best with your book release!

Catherine said...

We geeks need to stick together! LOL Best wishes for your book release.

Michelle Gallegos said...

I was a choir geek all through school. My sons call me a"closet Brit" because of my love of Torchwood and DrWho. Reading is my biggest passion and always has been. Star Trek, not so much Star Wars. I like bad movies, zombies, paranormal lit, fairies, fae, shifters......I'm proud to have raised sons who embrace Godzilla and comic book characters. Geeks rule!

Abigail Owen said...

Ashantay - you are a woman after my own heart. I love every single one of those. :)

Abigail Owen said...

Thanks Catherine! And geeks definitely need to stick together. :)

Abigail Owen said...

Michelle - I'm with you on the closet Brit - although mine are classic British authors (give me Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice any day) and anything with Kenneth Branagh in it. :) Godzilla rocks. And I read the X-men comics long before there were any movies.