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Guest Blog: Need You by Terra Kelly

In the Springtime of 2013, early one morning I woke from a dream. My first thought was 'this could be a story.' My second thought was 'where is my computer?' Once I wrote the dream down, I immediately had my husband read the few paragraphs. He looked at me and said, "this is great, I'm left wanting more." I actually felt tears start to emerge. 

It was the day I would reclaim a dream I had for many years- I had the potential to be a writer. Now, some may be curious why I found my husband's words so emotional. Well, during my dietetic internship, the one person who was supposed to support me instead found ways to make the internship challenging and in the end daunting. At one point during the first half of the internship, she told me I wrote at an Elementary level. 

 She also flat out told me I was not a good writer. 

 For several years I believed her... until that morning of 2013.
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The dream I had was about Alex and Alyssa, who are now the main characters of my second book. I had started writing thier story, but was not feeling the story just yet. So I sat it down and walked away for awhile.

In October 2013, I awoke from another dream. This dream would eventually become Catch Me, Book One. As an avid reader, I love reading book series'. Since I had two book ideas, I decided to get creative and see how a series could play out.

Here is the series so far:
Book One: Drew and Isabel
Book Two: Alex and Alyssa
Book Three: Joshua and Kenzie
Book Four: Danny and; Shawna
Book 4.5 - Novella: Alex and Alyssa
Book Five: Grant and Georgie
More to come ...

Important: Each book can stand alone from the series.

I will be publishing books two through four this year, along with a novella about Alex and Alyssa. I can honestly say, I see, feel, hear, and smell their recipes. All four books coming this year are screaming to be put on paper, and I am ready to get them out of my head finally.

Since I have a nutrition background, and run a food blog at CafeTerraBlog. Every book I publish will always contain special recipes made by the characters. I will share photos of the recipes on the Terra Kelly website. A perfect addition to each book... who doesn't like food right?

I look forward to sharing this series with you. I hope you enjoy them as much I enjoy writing them for you!
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Need You
The Winters Family Series
Book Two
Terra Kelly

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Date of Publication: March 16th

ISBN: Paperback - 978-0-9862356-4-1
Ebook - 978-0-9862356-3-4

Word Count: Around 54,000 words, still in editing process.

Cover Artist: Easton Place Design Studios

Book Description:

Book two of The Winters Family Series, a contemporary romance filled with emotion.

After Alyssa and her daughter experience a horrible tragedy, she realizes a change of scenery is needed to help move on from the past.  She ends up in Idaho, opens a cafe, and continues to live life in the past for the next two years.

Until Alex arrives in Boise.

Alex is the youngest Winters brother, a chef in Los Angeles.  When he loses his job, he decides it’s time to leave the big city behind.  He finds a job opening in Boise, Idaho for an Executive Chef position.  He lost his job and girlfriend in the same day, now it’s time to just focus on work, or so he thought.

With so much sadness, can Alex show Alyssa it’s okay to love again? Will Alyssa realize she needs Alex to help her let go of the past?

Recipes made at the Cafe “Lexie Eats” will be included in the back of the book.

**This book can be read as a standalone from the series.**

About the Author:

A romance nerd at heart, I tend to find inspiration in my dreams, or when walking my dog.  My love for romance goes all the way back to when I was 15, and laying on my best friend’s bed reading romance books.  It only took me 25 years to start putting all my stories on paper….well actually a computer.  I was born and raised in Michigan, now live in the South in North Carolina.  So my accent sounds like a Yankee with a slight Southern drawl.  When I am not writing you will find me reading, or baking.

My real life romance started when I was just 19.  Now over 20 years later, my husband is not only my lover but my best friend.  We only raise furry kids, we have one dog and two cats.  Our animals are all rescues.

I am a foodie, who loves creating recipes. 

Over four years ago I started a food blog at CafeTerraBlog.  My love for food is why each of my books will always share new recipes made by the characters.
I love connecting with my followers.  You can find me on Facebook and Twitter.  I will keep you up to date on what I am writing, book release dates, and so much more on my website.


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