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10 Reasons Why Shifters Make the Best Boyfriends-Guest Blog: Once An Alpha by Callie McKenna

Hi, I’m Callie McKenna (author of the S Files series) and today I’m presenting you with my list of why you should go and date a shifter!

1) They are HOT – Okay, okay….go ahead and call me shallow. But there’s no denying shifters are always sexy as hell. Whoever coined the term ‘tall, dark and handsome’ definitely had a shifter in mind when they came up with it. With their chiseled features, tousled hair and sexy abs, they are almost every woman’s dream guy.

2) Great sex – Ever read a book where a shifter was terrible in bed? Nope, neither have I. Shifters are primal; the strong, silent protector who suddenly sprouts claws that rip through your clothes and ravish you with animal lust. They have tons of stamina, and they care about making you feel good... over and over. No more ‘wham-bam-thank you-ma’am’!

3) Fiercely protective – Find yourself kidnapped by an evil warlord and trapped on a remote island? Never fear, your shifter mate will find you and rescue you. With his crazy-good scenting abilities, he’ll track you down in no time…and whoever kidnapped you will pay a high price for their actions. As long as you’re with a shifter, he’ll do absolutely everything in his power to keep you safe.

4) Loves family – Family is one of the most important aspects of life to a shifter. You won’t have to worry about whether or not he wants to have kids at some stage, because you better damn believe he wants kids…lots and lots of them! Not only will he be fiercely protective of you, he’ll be the same way towards your babies. Everyone in the family will always have love, safety and support.

5) Loves you for who you are – Feeling a little insecure about yourself? Don’t worry, your shifter mate loves you exactly how you are. Shifters like women of all shapes and sizes. Every single inch of you is perfect to them, and they will worship your body as long as you live.

6) They are loyal – I think we’ve all dated that guy who can’t stop his wandering eye, but with a shifter you no longer have to worry about it. Once a shifter has found his true mate, that’s it for him – he’ll never want another woman, and he’ll never do anything to risk losing his mate. Wouldn’t that level of trust be wonderful?

7) Passionate – You won’t need to worry about the spark fading in the relationship with a shifter. Passionate by nature, they’ll always be the guy who grabs you around the waist and pushes you up against the wall for a rough kiss. Just what the doctor ordered…

8) Free pregnancy testing – Trying to conceive? Don’t worry about wasting your money on expensive early-response pregnancy testing kits. Your shifter mate will be able to catch the scent of your baby growing inside you before you’ve even suspected anything is up. And if you aren’t yet pregnant…don’t worry, he loves to practice getting you there.

9) They know what it’s like to be different – If you’ve ever had trouble fitting in somewhere or felt a bit like an outcast, don’t worry – your shifter mate understands! Being so different to regular humans has ensured he knows just what it’s like to feel as if you’re a little lost as you try to find yourself in the world, and he can support you through the worst of it.

10) Never get lost again – Ladies, throw out your GPS and roadmaps and nab yourself a shifter. With their superior scenting abilities, you’ll find it impossible to get lost as long as he’s around.

Well, now that we’ve covered that… who are your favorite sexy shifters from any books or movies you’ve come across?

Once An Alpha
The S Files  
Paranormal Investigation Agency
Book 1
Callie McKenna

Genre: BBW Paranormal romance

Date of Publication: 16th January 2015


Number of pages: 138
Word Count: 42000

Cover Artist: L. Armstrong

Book Description:

Mystery. Intrigue. Lust. The sexiest shifters. This book has it all...

Curvy FBI agent Myla Peyton has always believed in logic and science. But when she is assigned to the paranormal S Files investigation agency, everything she believes in is challenged.

And what’s worse is her partner, David Lyndon. Sexy as hell and arrogant to boot, Myla can’t stand him after encountering him during her time at the FBI academy. There’s something different about him that she can’t put her finger on. Why does he sniff the air like a dog, and why do his eyes sometimes seem to glow?

The two are sent to the sleepy mountain town of Bakewell Springs, Colorado, to investigate multiple disappearances of hikers over the years. Someone…or something…is snatching them up in the night, and it’s up to the two agents to figure out what’s really going on.

Can Myla resist David's mysterious charms while solving the case? And can David resist the urge to claim his curvy mate?

Warning: This book contains lots of HOT sex, adult language and violence. If this is not the kind of stuff you like to read, skip this book. However, if you like dirty, raunchy sex with a strong, sassy and smart BBW heroine, then this is right up your alley. Enjoy!

Available at Amazon

“Anyway, I’d tell you what the position is right now, but we’re still waiting on a third party,” Director Armstrong said, leaning back slightly. “You are one of two agents we want on this task force, and unfortunately he is quite late.”
“Who is he?” I asked, but I didn’t need to. Only a second after I spoke, the door opened, and I had to suppress the urge to roll my eyes as David Lyndon sauntered in.
Seeing him always sent my body into a tailspin of confusion. I couldn’t stand the guy, but there was no denying what he did to me and probably every other woman he came within ten feet of. The man was gorgeous. With a lot more than a capital G. Seriously, even thinking of him made my heart jump in my chest and fireworks go off in my stomach.
He had golden-tanned skin with dark hair, flawless chiseled features and piercing green eyes, and also enough muscles to share with at least five other men. But like I said, I couldn’t stand him. Not after spending all that time down in Quantico with him at the academy, and certainly not after that night. He was a smooth-talking asshole, a womanizer and arrogant to boot. I suppose he couldn’t help it, what with women melting in his presence and practically throwing their panties at him.
“Myla,” he said, nodding in my direction and flashing that panty-dropping grin at me. Not today, Lyndon. You wish.  I seethed at the idea of having to be paired with him, and I gave him a stiff nod in return. The last time I’d seen him was at some agency function in the city a year ago, where I’d taken pains to avoid him and then given him the cold shoulder when he’d caught me off guard and tried to start a conversation with me.
“Okay, let’s get down to it,” Director Armstrong said, motioning for Lyndon to sit. “I’ve asked you here today because we want you both working in this little department that’s been around for a while, but…err… well, most agents have never heard of it. And for good reason too. It’s a little… unorthodox.”
“Unorthodox how?” I asked sharply.
“It’s called the S Files,” he replied, looking at Lyndon and me to gauge our responses. I’d never heard of it, and I raised an eyebrow, but Lyndon clearly had because he simply smiled and nodded.
“This department investigates strange events around the country that regular police departments have classified as unsolved due to… how can I put this… due to extenuating circumstances.”
I raised my other eyebrow this time as well.
“What sort of extenuating circumstances?” I asked.
Director Armstrong looked slightly flustered, and it was clear he thought he was going to have a hard time getting me on board. “Paranormal events.  Unexplained phenomena. Those sorts of shenanigans.”
This time I could barely contain my surprise. I’d heard of departments like this existing, but I’d always assumed it was part of the agency lore. Not real in any way. But here I was being asked to join the S Files, with David Lyndon of all people.
“Um. Okay then…. and why exactly is he here? Couldn’t find any other decent agents?” I jerked my head in Lyndon’s direction, plastering a big old fake saccharin-sweet smile on my face. I knew I was being unprofessional, but I just couldn’t help myself when it came to him.
Director Armstrong pursed his lips into a thin smile. “Now, now. I’m aware of the fact that you two didn’t exactly get along back in the day, but we need you both on this. Agent Lyndon has experience with certain matters that may come in handy.”
Lyndon smirked at me and I rolled my eyes. Experience, huh? As far as I knew, the only thing he was experienced at was talking women out of their panties…and out of their minds, I presumed. You’d have to be insane to actually fall for his so-called charms.
“Why is it called the S Files?” I asked. “What does the S stand for?”
Director Armstrong coughed and crossed his arms. “The S stands for Shifter. We have compelling reason to believe that many unexplained events that go on in this world can be explained by the existence of shapeshifters.”
I snorted back laughter. “This has got to be a joke. Shapeshifters?”
Lyndon narrowed his eyes at me, and Director Armstrong smiled. “Keep an open mind, Agent Peyton. Not everything can be explained with the logic of science. But that’s where you come in, to try and prove us wrong. To sort out the paranormal from the regular old things that can be explained rationally.”
This time I didn’t suppress the urge to roll my eyes. “Right. So when would we start?”
“Right away,” Armstrong replied. “You’ve both already been relieved of your current postings.”
Great. So apparently I didn’t even get a choice in the matter. Whether I liked it or not, I had been removed from my geeky position with the computer scientists and forced into the S Files, with Lyndon foisted upon me as well. Double whammy.
The S Files. What a ridiculous name. And the FBI believing in shifters? I’ll be damned. I was willing to bet that whatever allegedly paranormal events we looked into, there would be a rational explanation for all of them. Or else I’d eat my shirt.
Armstrong continued. “We’ll need you both to take a plane to Denver tomorrow morning. Your first case awaits…”

About the Author:

Author Callie McKenna loves to write hot and sexy stories. How hot? So hot that they might very well scorch your e-reader! Usually paranormal, her stories are a great way to satisfy your cravings for smart, sassy heroines with curves and sexy alpha shifters.

Callie was born in the US but raised in South Africa before moving to Australia upon meeting her husband. They live together with their two gorgeous cats and (hopefully) they can add a baby to that mix soon. She is addicted to coffee, marshmallows and Indian food, but thankfully not all at the same time...

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