Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Five Fun Facts About B’s Book Labyrinth with Sharon Lynn Fisher

B’s Book Labyrinth is the setting for SilkWords’ very first shared world. The publisher and I had been noodling on the idea of creating worlds where lots of authors could contribute stories, and B’s Book Labyrinth came to me in a flash. Sweet Trouble is the first story set in this world, and as such, it is our readers’ first visit to this setting.

B’s is a bookstore and bistro owned by Sweet Trouble’s heroine, Bronte. Here are five fun facts about the setting!

1. The bookstore was inspired by Powell’s City of Books in Portland, one of the last large indie bookstores. That store is often described as labyrinthine — it has multiple levels and takes up a whole city block. (I was lucky enough to get a tour of the store a couple years ago, because I plan to include it in a new novel.) Unlike the more modern Powell’s, B’s is housed in an old mansion. From the introduction to the world:

Yep, I manage the world’s last bookstore. Or at least the last one in Seattle. Well, maybe not the last, but certainly the biggest. In the heart of the Fremont neighborhood, which is accepted by all Seattleites (or at least the ones living in Fremont) as the Center of the Universe, is a funky old turn-of-the-century mansion, just south of the world’s only real troll-under-a-bridge. Its architect was insane, or possibly a drunk. Six floors, piled atop each other in higgledy-piggledy fashion (much like a stack of books someone has tripped over and righted without bothering to straighten), connected by a staircase winding like a corkscrew through its heart.

2. The store has a resident poltergeist the staff calls Annabelle. She relocates things, and has a small part in Sweet Trouble — she tries to communicate with the heroine by pulling out book spines. Eventually there will be a story about Annabelle! A little more about her from Bronte’s point of view:

Annabelle — or so we called her, after the wife of the building’s architect — preferred the fourth floor (romance), but had been credited with a box of missing books in children’s, a kitchen mixer that had found its way to the second-floor ladies' room, and the inexplicable, after-hours activity of our decrepit elevator (refurbished original-issue).

3. Bronte promotes the store as a first-date destination, and in fact she meets rock band frontman Brody on the store’s opening day. Here is her commentary about that from the world’s introduction:

And people come for love — to find it or stoke it — because as I said, we’ve got a kind of magic going at B’s. Interesting things get started here. Sometimes they play out right in the store, in dark little book nooks on the upper floors (where you’ll find romance, gothics, and erotica). And I’ll tell you a juicy rumor that made its way into The Stranger, the local alternative paper: they say we’ve got an underground passage, and a sister establishment where customers can live out their favorite storybook fantasies.

4. As I mentioned above, the first story in the B’s Book Labyrinth world is Sweet Trouble. The heroine goes to see the hero’s band play at a real venue called the Tractor Tavern, in Fremont’s sister neighborhood, Ballard. The title of the story, and the style of music played by the hero, was inspired by an album called Heavy Love, by Duke Garwood. Here’s the song that inspired the title: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0MqEtqSoH4.

5. B’s has its own cupcake! Created by the bistro’s chef. The “Heart of Darkness” is vanilla cake with grenadine buttercream and a truffle-sized ball of soft chocolate at the center. (We’re looking for someone to help us craft a real recipe for it!)

Sweet Trouble
B’s Book Labyrinth Series
Sharon Lynn Fisher

Genre: Contemporary erotic romance

Publisher: SilkWords
Date of Publication: April 2

Cover Artist: Indie Designz

Book Description:

Welcome to B’s Book Labyrinth and Bistro! The first novelette in this SilkWords Shared World Series, Sweet Trouble is the story of smart and feisty bookstore owner Bronte and sexy Seattle-area rock musician Brody.

Brody appears at the store’s grand opening to pick up a book recommended by an ex-girlfriend — and to meet the woman responsible for him losing his apartment.

The awkward first meeting does nothing to dampen the instant chemistry, but with Bronte wrangling menus, book buyers, and the resident ghost, and Brody’s rockstar-complicated past, can either of them afford even the sweetest kind of trouble?

Available at Silkwords.com

About the Author:

An RWA RITA Award finalist and a three-time RWA Golden Heart Award finalist, Sharon Lynn Fisher writes stories for the geeky at heart — meaty mash-ups of sci-fi, suspense, and romance, with no apology for the latter. She lives where it rains nine months of the year. And she has a strange obsession with gingers (down to her freaky orange cat). In addition to her SilkWords stories, she’s authored three science fiction romance novels for Tor Books: Ghost Planet (2012), The Ophelia Prophecy (2014), and Echo 8 (2015). She’s also the editorial director for (and a partner in) SilkWords! Visit her at www.sharonlynnfisher.com.

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