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Review of The Veil by Chloe Neill

The Veil (Devil's Isle, #1)The Veil by Chloe Neill
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A fabulous beginning to a new series by Chloe Neill.

Set in a Dystopian New Orleans torn apart by the war with paranormals who have come through "The Veil", Neill introduces us to a new world filled with magic, paranormals, sensitives and humans all touched by the war that changed the world as we know it now.

Neill managed to keep the spirit of New Orleans intact even while placing it as the heart of a world changed, ravaged by war. Those left in New Orleans didn't let the change defeat them or kill their spirit, or their heart. The "feeling" of the Qaurter and New Orleans remained intact.

The characters are rich and complex, she gives them enough flaws and personality that we can relate while watching them grow.

The main character, Claire, is a sensitive trying to keep her magic in check so no one discovers the power she has. Her greatest fear is turning into a wraith and/or ending up in Devil's Isle, the part of the city that has been turned into a prison for the paranormals remaining in this world.

But one night her life changes when she stops two wraiths from attacking a girl and a sexy bounty hunter enters her life. Liam Quinn, bounty hunter extraordinaire, is beautifully damaged, a little mysterious and a lot sexy. He pulls Claire quickly into his world. But can she trust him with her life...and her heart? He his tough, a little rough around the edges and complex. Everything a leading man should be.

Claire soon realizes that everything is not black and white, humans good, paranormals evil. The lines are blurred and she has to learn to trust her instincts and her magic to keep her safe, and possibly save the world in the process.

Claire is a complex heroine, she adapts quickly and does what she needs to survive and keep those she cares about safe.

This book was a fast read filled with non-stop action and drama. A great introduction to a new world that leaves enough mystery, open plot arcs and loops, and developing romance to build on in future books. I loved it.

Neill has created another fabulous world readers will want more of.

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