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The Worlds of the Portals Series with PL Blair

A world exists, similar to our human Earth, almost – but not quite – our twin, separated from us by dimensions of space. This is the premise of my Portals urban fantasy/detective series. The other world, our almost-twin, differs from ours in one significant way – This world is the Realms of Magic, home to all of the beings of our myths, our legends – our worst nightmares. And that world is also the source of Magic.

The worlds are separated by gateways – the Portals. But in ancient times, the Portals stood open, and elves and wizards, trolls, ogres, dragons and all the other creatures of our legends passed freely between the two worlds. That – in my world – is why we have the legends.But at some point maybe a thousand or more years ago, Wizards forced the Portals closed. So for centuries, our human world hasn't had contact with the Realms of Magic. The legends, over time, have become distorted, and we've forgotten the reality behind our stories of such things as evil hags and magical weapons.

Now … at some time in the not too-distant future, the Portals have opened again. Creatures from the Realms are returning to our human world – and bringing their Magic with them. And some of those beings use their Magic to commit crimes. A wizard, Arvandus, has organized a team that steps in to help humans who no longer know how to deal with Magic that's being used against them. My protagonists – Corpus Christi, Texas, police detective Kat Morales and her elf partner Tevis – two of the key members of that team.

So that, in sum, is the foundation of my Portals books. I know there are other explanations for why people all across the world have nearly identical stories of evil wizards, elf-like beings, dragons and ogres and trolls (oh my!). But I have more fun with my version!

What do you think?

Sister Hoods
Book Four
P.L. Blair

Genre: Urban fantasy/detective/light romance

Publisher: Studio See LLC
Date of Publication: October 2013


Number of pages: 292

Cover Artist: Pam See
Mike Roberts photographer

Book Description:

A bank robbery in Rockport, Texas, sends Corpus Christi police detective Kat Morales and her elf partner, Tevis, in pursuit of a band of nymphs and satyrs. The answer to their initial question - why nymphs and satyrs would rob a bank - only leads them into a deeper mystery in an enchanted woodland on the South Texas coast.

And while he and Kat try to save the woods from an evil wizard and a deadly wyvern, Tevis finds himself engaged in a personal struggle with potentially disastrous consequences: He is deeply, irrevocably in love with his partner ...

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Malthius sat at the island counter in his kitchen and slowly consumed the dinner he'd prepared for himself, scarcely tasting. The television reporter – or whatever Humans called people in her position – had promised the “latest information on the bodies found near the old courthouse at the top of the hour,” which, Malthius inferred, meant the start of the news program at six o'clock.
            The Wizard had sunk into what Theronius aptly called one of his “foul moods.” Malthius had reason for it: first, Edwin calling to say the Elf and Human woman would be at Summerfield Investments offices in the morning, then this clamor over the bodies. Who would have thought that thirteen people who meant so little while they lived would become the focus of so much attention because of their deaths?
            Still, Malthius took a certain grim pleasure in these moments. Adversity, threats to his plans, sharpened his senses. He felt more focused, more alive at such times. He watched the drivel that Humans called “commercials” – though in truth, he found some of them more entertaining than the programs they financed – then, finally, the music that meant the newscast was beginning. People were introduced, males and females simpering at the cameras, then a camera focused on a dark-haired young woman whose name Malthius ignored.
            “And at the top of our news,” she said, “Corpus Christi's Mayor Janelle Hardesty announced the Federal Bureau of Investigation has taken an interest in the deaths of thirteen homeless people, seven   late last night in an underpass near the old Nueces County Courthouse, and six others found dead several days ago in Lovenskiold Park.” Behind the young woman, an image appeared on the screen of a woman perhaps middle-aged as Humans measured years, light brown hair graying at the temples, standing at a podium, a microphone in front of her. “The announcement came in a news conference on the steps of City Hall at two o'clock today.”
            The view shifted from the dark-haired newscaster, tightening on the older woman, presumably Mayor Hardesty. She spoke: “We are confirmin' that the deaths of the seven people last night are connected to the deaths of six people several days ago in Lovenskiold Park. All of the deaths are related to a case bein' investigated by the FBI. A special team sanctioned by the FBI and headed by their agent Arvandus is in Corpus Christi ...”
            Arvandus? Malthius managed to swallow the bite of meat in his mouth without choking, scarcely tasting it. Had the woman actually said the name Arvandus?

            That was … impossible.

About the Author:        

A native of Texas, now living in Sheridan, Wyo., P.L. Blair divides her time between two careers. As P.L., she writes a series (Portals) of urban fantasy/detective books that, recently, including elements of light romance. Published books include Shadow Path, Stormcaller, Deathtalker and Sister Hoods. Her fifth book is now with her publisher, and she is working on Book 6. As Pat Blair, she's a reporter for Sheridan Media, an organization that includes nine radio stations and an online news publication at

She's also “mom” to three dogs and a cat, all rescues, and is an avid reader, an occasional painter, and loves doing research. A lover of horses, she researches American Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred pedigrees as a hobby. Another hobby is history, and she's been the lead writer last year and again this year for Sheridan Media's “Sheridan Chronicles” history publication.

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