Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Review of the Dark Temptress Costume from Costume Supercenter

Red and black are my favorite colors so I just had to pick this costume. It's Goth and Vampy and I love it. Reminds me of Morticia Addams.

This is a great item to have in my closet, I can use it as a costume base.

Just add the right accessories and this can be used for a number of different costumes- obviously the first would a vampire. Just add some pale makeup and a drop or two of fake blood.

Add a crystal ball, Tarot cards, and other fortune telling accessories and become a Gypsy, Fortune Teller, or Psychic.

Add a wand and magickal items and be a witch or sorceress.

What would you become in this Gothic Gown?

I am brainstorming on the accessories I will add.

It fits perfect and has a seductive hood to give me a mysterious look when I want to hide and be all vampy in it. :-) I think I'm going to add a corset to amplify my curves and sexiness and make this costume really rock.

I am a little worried about the texture of the fabric (100% polyester), when I tried it on it felt a little scratchy but I am super sensitive to fabric textures so a normal person probably won't even notice. I am going to wash it a few times and use fabric softener to see if it softens it up a bit.

If you need a quick, simple costume or a dress that is a good base for multiple costumes then this will be a perfect addition to your costume collection.

If you are looking for a Gothic, vampirish costume for Halloween this year check out the New Gothic Costumes available at Costume Supercenter.

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