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Guest Blog and Kindle Freebie: Awakened by Sennah Tate

When I first set out to write the Soul Shifters series, I spent a lot of time thinking about how my big bad guy would manifest. I wanted to draw from personal experience, but unfortunately (or I guess, fortunately) I didn’t have any personal experience with demons and creepy shadow monsters. What I did have a lot of experience with as a Native Floridian, is weather. Specifically: hurricanes. 

I’ve always been a bit of a weather nerd. Once upon a time, my career aspirations were to be “that crazy reporter on the beach during a hurricane.” By the time I entered High School, I was placed into a journalism class and quickly volunteered for the position of meteorologist on the news program we produced. 

Not content to report on the actual weather, I conjured up giant fronts, destructive storms and once (during a particularly warm week) I predicted a blizzard. My on-screen abilities were sorely lacking and by the end of the semester the news project was brought to a close. 

Nowadays, I’m much more comfortable creating fictional weather from behind my keyboard. When the opportunity presented itself in this series, I knew I had to take it. 

Hurricanes are particularly fascinating to me because, unlike many other weather events, they aren’t a single moment in time. Rather, the development and formation of a hurricane is something to be monitored for days -- weeks even. The smallest details are obsessed over; surface water temperatures, troughs and terrain can all affect the strength, longevity and destructive capability of a storm. 

It was the perfect vehicle to build growing unease throughout the series. 

I wanted to bring the experience of living through one of these terrifying wonders to my readers in a safe way. I wanted Hurricane Oscar to be a character in his own right, looming in the distance, growing and biding his time. 

There’s nothing quite like feeling the shift in air pressure as a storm comes or watching the entire sky rotate overhead as Mother Nature displays her awesome power. I wanted to bring forth my fascination and reverence for weather events like this and share a passion of mine with my readers. And of course, no matter how fearsome and astonishing the power of natural forces, I wanted to show that nothing can conquer the power of love. 

Soul Shifters
Book 1 of 5
Sennah Tate

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Red Lily Publishing

Date of Publication: June 14, 2015

ISBN: 978-1514127636

Number of pages: 201
Word Count: 45000

Cover Artist: Sennah Tate

Book Description:

It can never, never happen. Not with him.

Good girl schoolteacher Gemma has always played it safe, colored inside the lines. Her only indulgence is a recurrent fantasy about Carson, her town’s ultimate bad boy. Carson is fifty shades of wrong for Gemma, but damn if the risk-taking ex-con doesn’t inspire dark, waking-at-night-clenching-the-sheets thoughts in Gemma’s orderly little mind...

Don’t touch. Don’t look. Don’t even think about him. No matter how good he might be in your dreams, he’s bad.

All Gemma’s promises fly out the window when her best friend goes missing. Carson is the only one who can help Gemma uncover the truth, and if some sparks fly along the way… so what? It doesn’t mean anything.


As tensions rise, Carson and Gemma are both stripped down, revealing steamy paranormal secrets and an unbridled hunger that simply refuses to be tamed.

Available Free on Amazon September 14- 18


“I think we should tell the others about this if you’re going to go out looking for Izzy,” Gemma said.
Carson nodded.
“Okay, tomorrow,” he answered, wrapping his arms around her waist.
“What are your plans for tonight?” She asked, her eyebrow raising with a half-cocked smile.
His hands slipped into her back pockets and brought her forward until they were pressed together.
“Tonight? Oh, I don’t know, I was thinking of heading to bed early.”
“Oh were you?”
Her bashful smile made his heart yearn for her. He felt the raw animalistic need to claim her simmering just beneath the surface. He would give the wolf what it wanted, but he would do it on his own time. No matter how much his other half wanted to dive right in, Carson had every intention of taking his time with Gemma.
He pressed his lips against her throat, trailing kisses across her responsive flesh. Gemma shivered and let out a moan that made Carson growl with unadulterated need.
“What do you think of my plan?” He said, his voice barely a whisper as his lips skirted past her ear.
Gemma closed her eyes on a sigh; liquid heat pooled in her core and burned like nothing ever had before. She had an unbearable thirst and Carson was the only thing that could quench it.
“I think,” she whispered, trying to play into his game, “that early can’t come soon enough.”
Carson’s face split into a wide smile before his mouth descended on hers, dragging her out to sea with him once more. He hefted her into his arms and refused to release her lips for her answering squeal of surprise.
She watched him through her eyelashes in a sultry gaze that set his blood on fire. There was no denying that this woman had a hold on him that rivaled anything he’d ever felt.
He carried her through the threshold of her bedroom, determined to spend the next dozen or so hours showing her exactly how special she’d become to him.

Their connection was a tangible thing. Carson felt himself pulled to her as if they were attached at the hip. The wolf inside of him clamored to be free, desperate to claim his mate. Carson pushed back against it, wanting to take his time with this beautiful bounty he’d so generously received.
He peeled her clothing off as if he were removing a bandage, slow, methodical, with the lightest touch. Each new expanse of creamy skin he revealed sent a fresh jolt of desire straight to his cock. Gemma responded to his touch beautifully; her body reacted to even his most gentle touches. Her breaths became shallower. Forced. His fingers slid down her body, finding her already wet and ready for him. This was what he’d been craving since the moment he laid eyes on her, bent over the front seat of her car.
“Carson,” she panted, arching her hips to meet his fingers.
They kissed. A slow, exploratory kiss that turned into something else – fevered and impatient. Gemma gripped him, guiding his erection to her entrance.
“Please,” she begged, her brain overwhelmed with the torrent of sensations he created.

He groaned as nimble fingers worked him to the brink. He’d wanted to take this slow, lavish her with affection, make it a moment she would never forget. That all went out the window when she begged for him.

About the Author:

Sennah Tate is an up and coming Florida author in the world of romance. She likes writing about fiery heroines unashamed of their curves and the sizzling hot shifters that can't get enough of them.

When she's not writing and drawing dinosaurs, she enjoys the outdoors, her friendly retriever mix, and Disney World. Her exuberant personality brings cheer to dark days and she firmly believes that redheads will inherit the earth. 

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