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What Comes from Lucid Dreaming – Waking Up With A Story Formed By A Dream

What Comes from Lucid Dreaming – 
Waking Up With A Story Formed By A Dream

He, I’m Maureen O. Betita, and I’m a lucid dreamer. I also write and tour to promote what I write. Like today and Foxoddness, my newest book. It’s a lively bit of contemporary/paranormal/erotic adventure for three very lucky people who find each other, along with everyday magic.

People often ask where authors get ideas. Foxoddness actually has roots in another book, read years ago. But many of my books start as dreams. And Foxoddness benefited from my ability, as I used it to deepen the story.

I’m lucky, I don’t wake with a morning alarm. This means that I gradually slide to wakefulness, often bringing my dreams with me. This is what I know of lucid dreaming. I’m dreaming and I know it. I can stay in an observational point of view, or I can slip into control.

It’s not unusual for me to go to bed with the dream from that morning at the front of the line. And I can move back into it. I remember a great deal of what I dream and over and over…those dreams become a book.

I dreamt of alien abduction and I wrote The Alien Library. I wrote about the time speeding up and leaving only a handful of survivors, and I wrote The Changed World (out in 2016). Essentially Human rose from underwater dreams. I have three books that stepped straight from morning dreams I’m intending to finish and release in the next few years. And sometimes I’ve walked into dreams with plot issues needing help. And I find it.

The subconscious dreaming mind is a wonderful playground.

If I don’t like where a dream is going, I nudge it to another place. If I wake unhappy with something from a dream, I can hit rewind and change things. Comes in very handy with nightmares, though to be honest, really harsh nightmares are hard to fiddle with.

I’m not sure where my ability rose. I’ve had difficulty falling asleep for years. Instead of dwelling on the difficulties of the day, I began to tell myself stories. Bedtime stories. If lucky, I’d slide right into the world I’m creating, helping me fall asleep.
Though sometimes, I’d just get fascinated with the story and lie there, listening to myself. ;-)

You, too, can learn how to lucid dream. If you fall asleep believing this can happen, if you trick yourself into gradual waking, keep a dream diary at your bedside, it can become a learned skill.

There are books about lucid dreaming. It’s a great way to solve problems, find answers and, what the hell, it’s just fun!

Have you ever experienced a lucid dream? Do you think it’s something you might like to try? How many times have you fallen asleep dreaming about winning the lottery? (One of my standards!)

Maureen O. Betita

Genre: contemporary erotic paranormal romance

Date of Publication: September 15, 2015

ISBN: 978-1-939914-67-5

Number of pages: 215
Word Count: 78,206

Cover Artist: Barbara Cool Lee

Book Description:

A house by the beach, happily married for over 25 years – what more could Sarah and Andrew Denby need? Yet, something is missing…until Will Bramble knocks on their door. He leads them into a deeper sensuality than they ever imagined.

The lanky redhead figures on a quick seduction, some fun in the sack and moving on. But Sarah’s laughter, Andrew’s strength, and the welcome of their bed, fills the hollow place in his heart.

From the haunted hills of Santa Bella, to the rambling fields of Scotland and the enchantments of Ireland, they discover the powers of physical intimacy, while the legacy of his magic, hidden beneath his human skin, brings their world to life.

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Casually, Will laid an arm across the back of the bench. “The windows and doors won’t take very long. But if you’d like, we can talk about a few odd jobs. Like repairing this deck. I think the support beams are failing; it’s too spongy. I have the time on my schedule.”
She turned her face toward his hand and inhaled the batch of pheromones he’d set down earlier. Her eyes closed slightly and a tremble ran through her body. The obvious desire for more flew through her. She took another deep breath. He set his drink cup down and turned to face her. When he lifted his hand slightly, she ran a tongue down it, and then flinched back. “Oh! I…uh…” The blush from the coffeehouse rose to a full bloom on her face.
How charming!
“Seems like a good thing to do…” Taking her hand in his, he raised it to his lips and ran his tongue down it, and then sucked several of her fingers into his mouth.
Her eyes widened as she stared at him. “Oh, God. I...want…”
“I like to follow my instincts, Sarah.” Will looked straight into her eyes. He licked at her fingertips before setting that hand at his bulging crotch. With a moan, her eyes lost focus as the pheromones took hold. Will kept still when she pushed off the bench, knelt on the deck, and fought to get his pants open. Her fervor impressed him. She lowered her mouth onto him and sucked like it was the first cock she’d ever touched.
A smidge of guilt ran through him, but the glory of her mouth swept that away. If she hadn’t been inclined, it wouldn’t have worked.
Though he wanted to linger over the encounter, it was best if he delivered this first dose of chemistry speedily. “Damn, that feels so good.” He stroked her hair, let his head drop back and surrendered. She swallowed most of his cum, save for the bit that dribbled down her chin. He smiled and lifted her, opening her shirt and spreading that bit down her cleavage, even painting her nipples with it. “Make sure he sucks them tonight,” he whispered.
Sarah nodded, and he helped her back to the bench, securing her shirt before putting himself back together. He picked up his drink and let her return to herself. His chemistry would make sure she stayed calm. Her memory wasn’t going to argue with what just happened. It would just shuffle it around; probably decide nothing had occurred save a pleasant fantasy.
As he expected, the lovely writer sat up straighter, picking up the conversation from where it left off. “Yeah, the deck. It is a bit spongy. I keep trying to talk Andrew into putting together a shed under there, with a door to the front and the back. And extend it.” She got up and pointed to the box below the deck, giving him a nice view of her ass. “That used to be where the twits before us kept their dogs.” It was as if the small interlude had never taken place.
His imagination sped ahead, picturing her spreading those legs and inviting him to fuck her. Battling the image, he finished his cookies and then told her to check out the bedroom. “You can watch while I get the new window in.”
Standing, she sedately followed him into the bedroom and lay down on the bed to observe him work. He stepped in and out of the room. One of the times he came back in, she’d slipped her hand under the waistband of the baggy jeans she was wearing and began masturbating. Will ignored her and kept talking about the window. When she climaxed, filling the room with her scent, he sat, pulling her hand free and cleaning it off. A small smile lit her face and then she drifted into a late afternoon nap. Her susceptibility boded well for his pursuit. He hoped Andrew was equally inclined. From impressions, he was nearly certain.

About the Author:

Maureen O. Betita believes in the transformative power of sensual encounters. She uniquely blends erotic romantic adventure, plus fantasy/paranormal elements in her books, including The Kraken’s Caribbean series and the Forever A Pirate series.
Pirate Festivals, Steampunk Gatherings, Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions, Renaissance Faires – these are all within her social sphere and she borrows, steals, and creates stories from her adventures at these venues. Her imagination includes worlds of science fiction romance with three books revolving around the common theme of Alien Encounters; an intricate creation of contemporary erotic fantasy, with Born in Flight; and trips to a slightly alternative side of contemporary Ireland with the upcoming 5 books series, Sex Magic.

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