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Seven Most Wanted Criminals of the No Go Zone-The Red Light Princess James W Bodden

Seven Most Wanted Criminals of the No Go Zone

A new score of criminals rises in the headlines as Metro Police finally releases its long awaited Seven Most Wanted Criminals of the No Go Zone report.

The current Most Wanted list contains some shady characters and low lives that includes gang members, a mechanized bear, and a dangerous cultist leader. Every one of these outlaws is to be considered armed and dangerous.

This ranking is published every year to warn the public-at-large about the dangers of the underdeveloped slum on the other side of the separation barriers. The travel ban to the No Go Zone remains in place, and the borders are closed to unsupervised crossings.

A Public Message from the Metro Authority Public Communications Department.

Seven Most Wanted Criminals

7. Name: Kai.
Aliases: None.
Known Affiliations: The 25’s Gang; low level informant & information scavenger.
Criminal History: Disorderly conduct, drug clone possession, & gambling.

6. Name: Otto the Shock Bear.
Aliases: None.
Known Affiliations: Mecha Beast Champion.
Criminal History: Illegal animal cybernetic modifications.

5. Name: Cyrus.
Aliases: The Eunuch.
Known Affiliations: The Pale Horse Clan.
Criminal History: Slavery & human trafficking.

4. Name: Mercury.
Aliases: None.
Known Affiliations: The 25’s gang; Eastern Quadrant Chief. 
Criminal History: Underground boxing, extortion, & racketeering.

3. Name: Sonya.
Aliases: None.
Known Affiliations: New World Barbarians.
Criminal History: Armed robbery & arson.

2. Name: Hannibal.
Aliases: The Preacher
Known Affiliations: Cult of the Red Light Princess.
Criminal History: Incitement, mutilation, & murder.

1. Name: Unknown.
Aliases: The Red Light Princess.
Known Gang Affiliations: The Canal Brothels.
Criminal History: Prostitution & fraud.

The Red Light Princess
James W Bodden

Publisher: Montag Press, January 2015.

Genre: Dystopian, Dark Fantasy

Hook:  A low-level gang informant's clock is ticking as he tries to solve a series of copycat killings before the triads gives him up as a sacrifice in the dystopian slum's annual Night of the Clean Hands. 


Everything goes on the Night of the Clean Hands. There are only three rules: Old debts are forgotten. Payback is forbidden. Killing is outlawed. But rules are meant to be broken. 

Kai, a member of the dreaded 25’s, a local enforcement gang, jumps from the rooftops and glides over the streets to keep the population inside the slums under constant surveillance.

When a string of copycat murders disrupt the festivities of the Night of the Clean Hands, it falls to Kai to uncover the mystery behind the killings. Kai's journey deep into the underbelly of this urban jungle forces him to explore a lost city with unspoken rules, and unravel the secrets behind its devotion for the Red Light Princess.

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About the Author 

James W. Bodden is the author of the Red Light Princess and Coffin Riders. He's down some dank Cold War bunker, helmet on, and braced for impact.

Twitter: @jwbodden

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