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When My Work and Works of Fiction Collide

When My Work and Works of Fiction Collide

A while back, I had a discussion going on Twitter about my work in ministry colliding with my works of fiction. I thought it would pass, but since that time, it seems to be happening more than ever. Personally, I think it's good that people have questions after they read my books. After all, that is one of the reason I decided to publish at all. I enjoy talking with people who want to separate fact from fiction.

For a number of years I have worked in ministry, but I write works of fiction about angels, demons, and various other supernatural subjects. There were bound to be some questions. I have had some of the most interesting conversations with people who read one or all of my books and then come out with questions guns blazing. However, the reality is: part of the reason I write fiction is to have the freedom to talk about things I am unable to explain. I mean, that is the beauty of writing, right? I get the chance to bring a story to life, explain the unexplained, and create a world that is different from our own.

I am often asked, "Do you believe in angels and demons?" The simple answer is: yes, I do. Do I believe that they fight each other? Of course, I do. Even so, do I believe they act, talk, and function in the way I describe in my books? Do they do battle with golden weapons, traveling at speeds faster than the human eye can see, leaving nothing but fire, dust, and ash behind? Well, this is the area where fiction comes in. Maybe they do; maybe they don’t. I honestly don’t know. This is why I love writing. I get the chance to take something I believe in and create a story around it.

I will admit I have seen a lot of crazy things over the years that could not be easily explained away. I have seen the miraculous occur more than once. I have also witnessed things that I thought could only exist in a horror movie. Some of these experiences – particularly the more horrific ones – I wish I could simply explain away and never think about again. Writing provides an outlet for me to work through all these crazy things. I suppose I could write non-fiction, but where is the fun in that?

At the end of the day, my books are meant to entertain. The idea that they are creating dialogue with people I wouldn't normally interact with is an added bonus. I'm enjoying these conversations, so please keep the questions coming. I'm glad people are enjoying my books so much that they want to know more. Thank you for having me!

Beyond Anything In All Creation
Beyond Height and Depths Trilogy
Book Three
Christian Brown

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Young Adult

Publisher: C. Brown Publisher

Date of Publication: January 13, 2015


Number of pages: 180
Word Count: 55, 502

Book Description:

She’s anxious, but she might also be right. I do hope it’s not the end of the world. What do I know about this kind of stuff? I’m not sure what else to think. The world hasn’t exactly been in the best shape recently.

The long extinct volcanoes of our island home, as well as other parts of the world, still show signs of erupting at any moment. Earthquakes are a daily occurrence. The sun has almost completely vanished, leaving the world in a state of constant twilight. Fire has been falling from the sky off and on here for the last few weeks; meanwhile, other parts of the world seem to be in the middle of a miniature ice age, and the bodies of water that aren’t frozen have steam rising from their surface.

I would hardly call any of this normal.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The highly anticipated conclusion to the Beyond Heights and Depths trilogy is finally here.

Emmett and Ash are preparing for their big day. The two have overcome the greatest of evils to remain together. Together, they have won every battle, but the war is far from over. All signs point to the end of the world. The soul mates must face their toughest challenges yet. Relationships will be tested, sacrifices will be made, and a fight to the finish will decide the fate of the world.

Available at Amazon

          This movie isn’t so bad. In fact, I can’t help thinking how real these scenes look. The special effects are spectacular. I feel like I am in the movie. I feel like I am walking along a dark trail. There’s no moon, which makes it incredibly difficult to see. Shadow figures begin to stalk from side-to-side. A gang of dark figures emerges out of the darkness. I can’t tell how many there are. Dozens of pairs of demonic red eyes suddenly open and stare at me. I seem to have walked into some sort of trap.
Oh no, this isn’t part of the movie, I realize too late. The swarm of shadow creatures rushes toward me. I try to turn and run, but I can’t move. I’m paralyzed with fear. What is happening to me? Wait, this must be a dream. I just need to wake up. The feeling of paralysis increases my anxiety. The more I struggle, the harder it is to move. You’re alright, I hear Ash’s voice say in my head.
Whew, thank goodness; I thought I was going crazy. Ash is on a run. I must have fallen asleep during the movie, so I am seeing this play out through her eyes. In the vision, I see that Ash is laughing, but I can’t hear her laughing. I take that as my cue to check out. Everything goes black for a moment, and then I open my eyes.
I’m looking at the ceiling of my house. I notice I am sweating profusely. I may not be in the middle of the fight, but the feeling of fear is completely real. I try to shake it off. In the safety of my home I have nothing to worry about, I try to remind myself. Yet, I can’t seem to shake the feeling of someone watching me. I’m afraid to sit up. This is ridiculous. You’ve fought demons of all sorts, died a few times, and have always come out on top. Surely you can deal with your childhood fears of the boogeyman.
I slowly sit up on the couch. The television isn’t even on. I wonder when I fell asleep. I hope it wasn’t during the movie. I try to rub the sleepiness out of my eyes. When I open them again, I am startled to see the image of a dark figure standing ominously behind me. I jump up from my seat, turn, and instinctively throw the first thing within reach at the figure, which happens to be a box of sour gummy candies.

About the Author:

Christian Brown has been working with youth and young adults for most of the last 10 years. His passion is in helping others. He is also an anti-bullying advocate. He is the author of the Beyond Heights and Depths Trilogy and has other projects in the works. He currently lives in Honolulu, Hawaii with his wife and two young sons.

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