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Interview- Dragon Knight’s Shield by Mary Morgan

Can you tell readers a little bit about yourself and what inspired to write in this particular genre?

I live in Northern California with my own knight in shining armor. I’ve always been drawn to mythology and folklore. Legends of Ireland and Scotland have always captured my attention. I grew up with an overactive imagination, so it was only natural that I would write what I love. 

What inspired you to write this book?

On my first trip to Scotland in 2000. I was sitting on a boulder in the Highlands surrounded by the mists and magic of the land. The Dragon Knights were born within my mind that evening. 

Please tell us about your latest release.

Dragon Knight’s Shield is the fourth book in the Order of the Dragon Knights series. Angus MacKay is the oldest brother. Sparks will fly when he encounters Deirdre Flanagan on a battlefield. Together, they journey back to Urquhart, along with a band of men known as the Fianna. 

Was one of your characters more challenging to write than another?

Angus MacKay has always been a challenge. His story was planned for the first, but he waved his sword in front of me and told me off in words I can’t say in this interview. He completely took me by surprise, and I let him. However, in the end, Angus was my true knight—the strongest. 

Do you have a formula for developing characters? Like do you create a character sketch or list of attributes before you start writing or do you just let the character develop as you write?

I always start with the basics: name, physical looks, and then the personality. Usually, it’s revealed immediately when I start writing. With Angus, it took awhile. I was trying to control him too much. 

What is your favorite scene from the book? Could you share a little bit of it, without spoilers of course?

When the fifth Dragon Knight is revealed to Angus and Deirdre. 

Did you find anything really interesting while researching this or another book?

I’m always finding fascinating bits of historical information. I blend these into my own paranormal world. With Dragon Knight’s Shield, the Fianna played an important role. They were an ancient band of warriors used by the Chieftains of Ireland. They underwent vigorous training and were called upon when needed. 

In my story, the Fianna approached Angus.  

What is the most interesting thing you have physically done for book related research purposes?

Visited Scotland and walked in the Highlands. It was a phenomenal experience and changed my life. 

With the book being part of a series, are there any character or story arcs, that readers jumping in somewhere other than the first book, need to be aware of? Can these books be read as stand alones?

My books can be read as stand-alones, only if you don’t mind spoilers. I make sure to give enough of the back-story in each of my books. 

Do you have any weird writing quirks or rituals?

My writing desk has a collection of crystals and stones I’ve collected over the years. I love having them near me. Before I begin writing, I pause to take in some deep cleansing breaths. It helps to relax me. 

Do you write in different genres? 

No, not yet. ;)

When did you consider yourself a writer?

When I finished my first story—Dragon Knight’s Sword. It was an amazing sense of accomplishment.

Other than writing, what are some of your interests, hobbies or passions in life?

I love to garden and cook. Both help me unwind after a busy day of writing. Gardening is also a place where I can create ideas for my books. Nature has a way of weaving itself into my stories. 

Where is your favorite place to read? Do you have a cozy corner or special reading spot?

Curled up on the couch with pillows. I’m gone within the pages! 

What can readers expect next from you?

I’m working on the fifth and final Dragon Knight’s story, which I hope to have out late summer. 

Dragon Knight’s Shield
Order of the Dragon Knights
Book Four
Mary Morgan

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Date of Publication: January 8, 2016

ISBN: 978-1-5092-0542-4

Number of pages: 407
Word Count: 99,950

Cover Artist: Debbie Taylor

Book Description:

Angus MacKay, leader of the Dragon Knights, failed his brothers and his clan upon the death of his sister. Now he must fight the darkness of despair tempting his soul. Back on Scottish soil, he comes face to face with Deirdre who can wield a sword as mightily as his warriors, and takes her captive. Yet, with each passing day, the fire dragon inside him roars to claim the one woman fate has destined for him.

Famed mystery writer, Deirdre Flanagan, is unprepared for the next chapter in her life. On a vacation to Scotland, she steps through the mists and enters into a skirmish alongside a Highlander. However, the fight has only begun, and now she must battle Angus as well as evil in order to claim the love of this Dragon Knight.

Will their love be powerful enough to shield them from danger, or burn them to ashes?

Amazon    BN    Kobo    The Wild Rose Press

Excerpt Two:
God’s teeth, woman,” hissed Angus taking a glance around and noticing that everyone else had survived. He stormed to where she was standing and grabbed her arm. “What were ye thinking taking up a sword and fighting? Ye could have been killed.”

You could have been killed. You required my help.”

She started to mumble, and Angus found it difficult to follow the flow of words. Narrowing his eyes, he understood her to be English. However, this did not explain her outlandish clothing. A woman should never be allowed to wear trews, he thought, as he took in her form.

“What? Never seen a woman before?” Her voice wavered. “Do I have to fight with you, too?”

He looked down into the most beautiful hazel eyes he had ever seen. “Nae.”

“No, you’ve never seen a woman, or no, you don’t want to fight? Because I’m a bit concerned by your grip on my arm and the way you’re leering at me.”

Angus swallowed. “My pardons.” Releasing her, he took a step back. “Are ye hurt?”

She shook her head. “I’ll have bruises from the fight to brag about come evening, but I’m fine.”

Seeing Egan riding toward Gunn, Angus nodded to him. “Best we leave and go into the trees. There may be more of the enemy.”

“Umm, excuse me? Don’t you think you owe me an explanation? And shouldn’t we call the police?” Waving her hand about, she added, “Why are you fighting with swords? And how did you manipulate the fire?”

He glared at her. “For the love of Danu, cease your chatter and come with me. I do not understand your words, and we waste time being out in the open.” Bending to retrieve his dirk, he was stunned when he glanced back to see the fool lass walking in the opposite direction.

“By the hounds,” he hissed. In two strides, he stood blocking her path. “Did ye not hear me?”

Her eyes blazed with fury when she spoke. “I heard you just fine. I’m going to find a policeman and report this incident. Now, if you’ll move aside, I can go get us some help.”

“Ye are not going anywhere, but to those trees. I dinnae ken what all ye are babbling, but ’tis madness we linger any longer in the clearing.” His patience had snapped and grabbing her arm, he was unprepared for the blow she landed against his jaw. “God’s blood, woman!”

“You grab me again and next time I won’t use my fist.” Her tone, this time, brittle.

Angus took a step closer, daring her to challenge him again. “And what would ye use?”

With one swift move, she flashed the dirk up between them, mere inches from his face. “This—slicing through your artery.”

He leaned to the side, feeling the coolness of the blade against his skin. “Like the one I hold at your side?” He saw her jaw clench, but not before he noticed the slight tremor. “’Tis good to ken one’s place, nae?”

“You’re a rude barbarian,” she hissed.

About the Author:

Bestselling paranormal romance author, Mary Morgan resides in Elk Grove, California, with her own knight in shining armor. However, during her travels to Scotland, England, and Ireland, she left a part of her soul in one of these countries and vows to return.

Mary’s passion for books started at an early age along with an overactive imagination. She spent far too much time daydreaming and was told quite often to remove her head from the clouds. It wasn’t until the closure of Borders Books where Mary worked that she found her true calling. Writing romance. Now, the worlds she created in her mind are coming to life within her stories.

Visit Mary’s website at where you’ll find links to all of her books, blog, and pictures of her travels.

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