Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Review of The Visitor by Amanda Stevens

The Visitor (Graveyard Queen, #4)The Visitor by Amanda Stevens
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have waited patiently for a new book in this series for a couple years now, (OK it's been impatiently because I really love this series). I was so thrilled to learn a new book was coming...and then I received a review copy.

The Visitor does not disappoint. All the creepy, eerie, spooky intensity of the first three books is back in The Visitor: Graveyard Queen Book Four.

Amelia's mysterious heritage is as layered as an onion and each book peels away a couple layers. There is so much more to Amelia's ability to see ghosts than she knows.

Odd clues and strange feelings plague Amelia along with a doppelganger ghost that haunts her dreams. Strange things keep popping up in her life, clues that seem to lead her to something specific. Kroll Cemetery. But why, how is she connected to this sad place?

A break in at her home lands her in the hospital with a head injury...which seems to open a whole new set of doors to the world of the dead. Amelia sees and hears more than she ever has...and she seems to have developed a few new abilities, at least when it comes to her boyfriend John Devlin.

Devlin is a man of mystery. As close as they've been, they're still miles apart and the rift seems to keep getting wider every day. What is he hiding? Why won't he open up to Amelia? She catches glimpses of his life, but they only create new questions instead of giving her any answers.

Amelia's life continues to become more confusing as she tries to unravel decades old mysteries, her family heritage, and what she really is while trying to hold onto a man who seems hell bent on pulling away.

I could not put this book down. Thrills, chills and spooky shivers kept me reading this page turner.

I devoured it and now I want more.

I was thrilled to learn that book 5, The Sinner, is due out this September.

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