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Character Interview with Malachi Keen, hero of Ambushing Malachi

Question: How old are you?
Answer: I am thirty-five years old.

Question: What was your childhood like?
Answer: I had a happy childhood. I am very close with my father, mother and three brothers and one sister. We all still live in the same house together and can get crazy at times with all our different personalities, but we love and would do anything for each other.

Question: How has a past or present relationship affected you?
Answer: Not much of a relationship kind of male. I might go out once in a while and have a few drinks and spend some time with a female, but I guess you could say the lack of a relationship is what kept me in the lab creating my own love affair with my inventions. Until I met my mate, Jez.

Question: What is most important to you?
Answer: There is nothing more important than my mate and family, they are my pack.  But other than the obvious, my inventions are right behind them. The imagination, countless hours and hard work to make them a reality is a piece of me and who I am.

Question: What are you obsessed with?
Answer: With winning! I love to compete, and I am also a sore loser. If I lose at something, I’ll attack it with a vengeance until I win.

Question: Biggest fear?
Answer:  Leapers, their soft little bodies, long ears and those big black eyes staring at you, looking so cute and innocent, waiting for you to pet them, and then bam, your fingers and even your hand is gone.  There’s no attaching your fingers back on, once they bite you with their three rows of sharp pointy teeth. I need my fingers for my inventions.

Question: What was the worst thing that ever happened to you?
Answer: Almost losing my sister Kiara to depression! It spreads like a virus that sucks the life out of everyone. As you watch your love one disappear, it takes you along with them. There is nothing you can say or do to bring that person back to their original self, so you stress and become sick yourself with worry, causing another type of depression.

Question: What is the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you?
Answering: When Jez drugged me and I woke up from being past out on a restaurant floor, and prying eyes looking at you, shaking their heads as if you’re a drunken lush.

Question: Biggest secret?
Answer:  I love the color pink, I find it to be a peaceful and aggravating color all at the same time.

Question: What is one word that defines you?
Answer: Fractious. I am never afraid of a fight, no matter how big the army is.

Ambushing Malachi
Wolvens, Eastern Province
Book One
Electra Gajdos

Genre: Paranormal Sci-Fi Romance

Publisher: Electra Gajdos

Date of Publication: December 29, 2015


Number of pages: 118 pages
Word Count: 35,640 words

Cover Artist: Jay Aheer

Book Description:

An unexpected kiss starts a chain of events that will change his life…

Malachi Keen’s frustration grows as he hunts for his sister, Kiara. The search leads him to more trouble than just an irritating sibling when he finds himself in the embrace of a tantalizing stranger. What turns out to be a chance encounter will change his life forever.

Jez Baldovino owes a life debt to an influential Wolven. To pay up, she must complete what she thought would be a simple task – retrieve some stolen data. The situation quickly becomes complicated and she is forced to use a handsome, unsuspecting stranger.

Malachi realizes that not everything is what it seems; unknown enemies and a beautiful female determined to escape him was not in his plans for the day. His plans change when danger surrounds Jez. There is only one male that is allowed to hunt the woman who ambushed him with a kiss – him!

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Excerpt 1

Malachi twisted the dial on his wristband and stood outside the mouth of the cave in the rocky canyon. The jagged gold mountains, dry hot air, and burning sun of the Southern Province were a sharp contrast to the uncultivated wildwood’s cool shade of his home environment in the Eastern Province.

While he made it his business to know what was going on in each province, he didn’t usually get involved. But the Southern Province, one of the more sizable provinces located on the central and largest of the three continents of Valkas, was having problems with human women getting snatched for large ransoms.

Ordinarily, the gammas, who were the protectors, soldiers of each province, would be ordered by the alpha or by the alpha’s second, the commander, to handle the situation with an arsenal of weapons designed by Malachi.

Unfortunately, the abductors had wised up after Malachi’s blackout balls—which had the ability to knock out power to all electronics nearby—came out on the market. By going deep inside a mountain, the kidnappers limited the firearm choices of the gammas; any explosives used could bury the hostage alive.

In order to maintain his reputation as inventor, weapons dealer, and the most dangerous Wolven on the planet, Malachi couldn't back down from this challenge.

With a slight ripple in the air like a mirage, the device on his wrist concealed him from any onlookers. As he entered the shaft, specs of dirt fell on his face and in his thick shoulder-length hair from the loose earth above him. The rickety framework the kidnappers had built barely stabilized the cavern.

About the Author:

Electra Gajdos is from Winnemucca, Nevada and currently lives in West Michigan. She is a wife and the mother of two beautiful genius children. (Maybe not true geniuses, but a mother is always partial to her kids.) She won’t bore you with her childhood love of all things sci-fi and the game of chess. But she will let you know she once called the police to save a man from jumping off a three-story building. What she didn’t know was the man was a mannequin and part of an advertisement. No lie! Thankfully, it gave the police officer a good laugh for the night. This is just one her many good deeds gone wonky, and she looks forward to sharing more of them with you.

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