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A Review of Day Shift by Charlaine Harris

Day Shift (Midnight, Texas, #2)Day Shift by Charlaine Harris
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Day Shift opens five months or so after Midnight Crossroad ended.

Everyone in this town has secrets, some people are in the know, but it seems no one knows the whole story about anyone...and that's why they like it there. Nobody asks too many questions.

Manfred Bernardo, one of the town's newest residents, is an internet famous psychic. He takes a business trip to meet with a client in Dallas and runs into Olivia, another town resident at the same hotel.

Manfred's client dies right in front of him and the couple he seen Olivia with end up dead in their room.

Soon he's embroiled in a murder mystery that puts him, and the town in the spotlight. The residents of Midnight are not happy about that. He turns to Olivia for help, and most of the town residents want to help, too. Anything to get the reporters and police away from their mysteries- like the new boy in town the Rev is taking care of.

Why is everyone worried about the upcoming full moon?

So much mystery. There's like a big question mark next to every character. You can't wait to get the full story on them. Each book, each chapter peels away another layer, revealing a new clue.

I love Charlaine Harris's quirky style and character oriented writing. This is a urban fantasy book but the paranormal undertones are very minimal, at least in the first book.

She lets us get a little deeper into the characters, who they are, what they are and what's going on in Midnight in Day Shift Book 2 of the Midnight, Texas Series.

We discover that this series is set in the same world as the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire series, which you kinda feel in the first book but it is never confirmed. Sookie's name is actually brought up in this book as well as Bon Temps, when a character you might recognize makes an appearance in Midnight. Fans will love that connection. But there's a second character from that series who also has connections to Midnight now. I'm not naming names because I don't want to spoil any one's aha moments :-)

I see a lot of people either love or hate this series. Not enough plot, no drama, not enough romance blah blah blah but if you like well drawn character driven stories that never reveal everything all at once you'll love this. Filled with mystery and curiosity you'll keep reading simply hoping to learn everything you possibly can about these people and the mystery of Midnight and why this band of misfits and outcasts were all drawn to this place.

Each book in the series reveals more (I'm on book 3 now and the revelations keep coming).

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